The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for Science and Technology (S & T) hosted the DHS Biometric Rally | Washington, a biometric rally where new technologies were presented by experts. Industrial companies with proven biometric know-how as well as intuitive and user-friendly systems can participate in biometric technology rallies. Among the 12 industry specialists, MODI Vision was also able to present its solutions to a specialist jury. The rally promotes innovation and the advancement of biometric achievements.

Biometric facial recognition is a new industry and earlier tests showed that while biometric technologies are very good, but are often in need of little improvements. Therefore, DHS called on industrial companies to develop biometric systems that meet the needs of high-throughput operations. The systems are set up in realistic test scenarios and tested for stability, safety and reliability over a long period of time.

The test results will benefit industrial companies who can increase their own development and improve their systems, if necessary.

As part of the rally, MODI Vision presented a test setup for a check-in. The participants were allowed to go through the gates after successful registration, in which the biometric capture was done via an integrated camera. This “biometrics on the move” has the advantage of a high throughput speed in a relatively small space. MODI Vision’s sophisticated biometric system specializes in close-up facial recognition, eliminating the need for long or large gates. The person identification can happen precisely and in passing.

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