Nanny garners success in Japan - by Jablotron Nanny - Baby Breath

The Nanny breathing monitor keeps an eye on babies in 21 countries. Even in far off Japan they’re happy with it. How did Nanny get all the way to the land of the rising sun? And how is Japanese childcare different from Czech?

Unique properties in foreign markets

For over 8 years now Jablotron has been producing Nanny monitors for 150 Japanese maternity hospitals. It is one of the few Czech companies to supply medical devices to Japan. The local market is very advanced technologically, so it is not easy to succeed in it. Nanny has succeeded thanks to its exceptional reliability, ease of use, low maintenance and international certification. Nanny has successfully passed independent clinical trials and among its achievements is the fact that it holds the ISO 13485:2012 certificate for the development, production and sale of active non-implantable medical devices

Japanese maternity care

Oota Ladies Clinic is one of the hospitals that appreciates the benefits of the Nanny breathing monitor. "Every room is comfortably equipped so the mother can carry out all activities here - sleeping, eating, bathing. We also have a comfortable sofa for the father. There is a tablet by the bed, where the mother can learn all about taking care of her baby and how to operate and use individual devices and aids in the room. We also have Nanny breathing monitors, which we use for the mothers’ peace of mind and to prevent sudden infant death syndrome," says Dr. Atsuyuki Oota, Head of the Oota Ladies Clinic.

The spectre of SIDS

Recently Dr. Oota personally encountered several cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in her practice. In one case, the mother left the baby alone at home when she went to pick up an older sibling from the bus, in the other case, the baby died in the same bed as its parents. "Mothers sleeping with children in one bed is very common in Japan, but young families are following new trends and are increasingly ensuring babies have their own cot, which is the safest for the child," adds Dr. Oota. One condition for using Nanny is in fact a separate bed, which is why Nanny is still sold mainly to maternity hospitals in Japan. The pads for Jablotron’s breathing monitor are distributed in Japan under the brand name BB Alarm and they are sold by our Japanese partner TH Pharma.


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