New: Quadral In-Ceiling 7 Speaker

The quadral In-Ceiling 7 Speaker impresses with its even and wide sound radiation pattern, which means no matter where you are in the room, the sound is everywhere, exceptionally balanced and clear. It’s been designed specifically for use with the Loxone Audioserver and is, therefore, the perfect addition to a Loxone system.

The In-Ceiling 7 Speaker boast the following features:

  • Single-frame design with a membrane area 50% larger than the Loxone Speaker

  • Consistent sound quality regardless of where you are in the room

  • Coaxial design for great performance

  • Rich bass with up to 4x output power compared to the Loxone Speaker

  • Specifically designed for use with the Audioserver

Quadral the experts in all things audio

quadral is a loudspeaker specialist from Hanover, Germany, and for almost 50 years now, quadral has been known for the outstanding quality of their high fidelity components – while also being one of the largest loudspeaker manufacturers in Germany. quadral’s acoustic expertise is reflected by countless top ratings in trade magazines and online expert platforms.

In October 2020, quadral was acquired by Loxone and has been part of the Loxone Group since then. The In-Ceiling 7 Speaker is the start of many joint products to come.

Music accompanies us throughout our lives. Our emotional state reflects what we are listening to at that moment. We at quadral have made it our mission to offer the highest quality music playback at affordable prices for everyone. Our wealth of experience in the hi-fi sector guarantees an audible “ahh” experience. The deep connection between quadral and Loxone opens up new excellent possibilities to give our customers satisfaction and joy.

Volker Schwerdtfeger

CEO, quadral GmbH

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