Our DNA: ​Create Automation​

It's not about the size of a space, it's what you make of it. This statement is especially true when using Loxone technology.​

Whether it is a 2-bedroom apartment, a family-sized house, an open-plan office, a restaurant or a huge hotel complex - Loxone offers an ideal control and automation solution for every project.​

The goal: buildings that know what to do by themselves​

At a time when cars are parking themselves, we believe that a building should take care of the safety, comfort and energy-efficiency related tasks by itself.​

Rather than spending hours dealing with technology, Loxone gives these valuable hours back to people.​

"Smart" does not equal intelligent​

Instead of thinking about new technological gimmicks, we focus on people and how we can improve their everyday lives.​

Unfortunately, the topic of automation is often misunderstood. Many people associate it with a flood of technological fads. Loxone is taking a different approach here. Just because something is technically possible doesn't mean we should include it in our daily lives or, in fact, that it will improve our lives.​

The evolution of building automation​

If we take a look at the history of building automation, from the user's point of view, there are essentially three generations:​

1.0 || The era of buttons and switches:​

Here you still operate the building manually, mainly with many small buttons and switches​

- giving you limited control such as lights on and lights off.​

2.0 || Operation through app or voice:​

This is the phase where a lot of manufacturers, and users, find themselves today.​

3.0 || A building that knows what to do by itself:​

Taking care of thousands of everyday tasks that people have traditionally done​

manually. This has always been our mission - right from the start.​

One complete solution instead of individual products​

Loxone offers endless possibilities when it comes to integrating products and solutions. Whether that's adding solar panels to your systems, integrating custom lighting fixtures, or anything else you require - the level of open scalability with Loxone is incomparable.​

The stability and reliability of our solution is fundamental to us. Which is why we decided to develop our own products for every field of application. This could be in the area of lighting with our own LED Spots or in the area of music with our Music Server and perfectly matched speakers. This enables us not only to guarantee a great overall experience but also the smooth interaction of all components for many years to come.​

Designed for life​

Loxone products and software are designed to perform reliably for many years. At a time when one trend chases another, this is an unusual benefit. This philosophy is the foundation for each new software version as well as the selections we make in the materials and design of every product.​

For example, our Miniserver, the "brain" of every Loxone system, has no moving parts and hence is designed to work 365 days a year.​

Simple standards and recommendations​

Based on our experience of over 120,000 thousands Loxone systems, and our experiences in our own everyday lives, we have created clear and simple standards and recommendations.​

No more button chaos​

An idea, that was initially dismissed, is now making its way into thousands of projects every year. What was that idea? Tidy up the current chaos of switches and provide a uniform operating standard across all rooms. Simple but revolutionary.​

This concept not only makes your life easier, but it also makes planning far more straightforward. In the past the question 'how many switches do you need here?" was greeted with a look of confusion. In most cases people overestimate and this results in banks of confusing switches. Great for the manufacturers, annoying for anyone trying to use them. We have put an end to this.​

Loxone will handle things for you automatically however, should you ever want to manually intervene then one or two taps on a switch are usually enough.​



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Hotline: +84 902 401 488

Email: info@eurostellar.com

Website: www.eurostellar.com/loxone

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