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Room Comfort Sensor for smart room climate control with LOXONE

In our homes, a pleasant temperature combined with good air quality – collectively known as room climate – have a significant influence on our general well being. If the temperature, humidity, and air quality are not in harmony this can really affect our general demeanour or even our health.

With the Room Comfort Sensor, the Loxone Smart Home can now reliably read the important variables that affect room climate; the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels. With this information, a Loxone Smart Home could ensure that the climate in each room in your home is just right, the whole day through.

Version 10 of our suite of smart home software is packed with enhancements for smart room climate control, so we’ll be releasing V10 and the Room Comfort Sensor Tree together at the end of September. You can pre-order your Room Comfort Sensor Tree today to receive yours as part of the first shipment and you’ll be enjoying the ideal room climate in no time!

Great for the whole home

Place the Room Comfort Sensor in a room where you spend a lot of your time and where there is a device delivering ventilation control, for example:


The perfect room climate is important for concentration. Letting the Room Comfort Sensor take care of automating the room climate in your study is a no-brainer.


As we covered in one of our recent blogs, the quality of air in our bedrooms can drastically influence our quality of sleep. So the bedroom is a great place for one of these sensors.


For some of us, the amount of steam from our morning shower would interest Thomas Savery. So why not let your smart home intelligently manage the climate in the bathroom, too

The right climate, no matter the environment

No matter where you place the Room Comfort Sensor in your Real Smart Home – it will discreetly measure and adjust the room climate as required.

Further Highlights

Temperature, humidity & CO2 monitoring

The Room Comfort Sensor has an integrated temperature, humidity and a CO2 sensor. With these precisely measured values you can automate your room climate in no time at all.

Comfortable temperatures along with excellent air quality have been shown to have a significant impact on our well-being. Hence regulating temperature, humidity and CO2 levels is very important to your mood and even your health.

**CO2 measurement only available on the Tree variant.

Perfect for all applications

Smart Home

Fresh air and optimum temperatures ensure the perfect feel-good factor. Instead of opening the window after a hot shower, a smart home should automatically regulate temperature, humidity and air quality – and with the help of the Room Comfort Sensor a Loxone Smart Home will.

Offices & business premises

Concentration is crucial in any productive work environment. This makes it all the more important to provide your office or business premise with good-quality air – the Room Comfort Sensor helps you achieve this.

Intelligent automation

The reliable data recordings taken by Room Comfort Sensor means that countless custom requirements can be met. Whether that’s continuous temperature monitoring or determination of the exact air humidity – the Room Comfort Sensor is ideally suited for a range of applications.

Fits into any environment

No matter where you place the Room Comfort Sensor – it discreetly measures and adjusts the climate seamlessly.

Full app control

With the different values measured by the Room Comfort Sensor, your home can get to work automatically ensuring the perfect climate in each room all day long – without you needing to do a thing.

Of course, should you want to adjust the temperature manually, you can do so from within the Loxone App.

Do you want to know, how we install it ? Check it out:

BECOME A PARTNER Become our authorized partner of Loxone in Vietnam and get well-training course and professional supporting from Eurostellar.

Install Loxone for your next project! Interested in all the possibilities of Loxone automation? Our team is happy to answer any questions, whether you’re an installer or looking for one. Contact us to get your hands on a world-leading automation solution: Please call Hotline +84 902401488 or leave the message by click this button

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