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SIEZA MDS - Human Presence Detection Systems


MDS (movement detection system) detects any hidden person located in the interior or cargo area of the vehicle. MDS detects even low signals such as heartbeat. MDS uses a simple, non-invasive measurement method. It is a passive detection that has no side effects for the human organism or nearby devices.


  • VERY FAST DETECTION TIME The measurement procedure takes approx. 30 seconds. The total vehicle inspection usually does not exceed 2 minutes, including sensors application and removing.

  • EASY TO USE With 3 versions of MDS – stationary, mobile and portable you can inspect vehicles not only in stable locations such as prisons but also in the field such as border crossings.

  • HIGH DETECTION EFFICIENCY MDS detection efficiency is almost 100%. Thanks to the measurement method based on the detection of ultra-low vibration signals, the MDS can not be deceived as in other systems using eg CO2 concentration measurement or X-rays.

  • MINIMAL SPACE REQUIREMENT The system consists of a control unit, a laptop with a graphical interface, sensors and cables. All components of MDS Mobile fit in a case with dimensions of 700 × 450 × 665 mm (L × W × H).

  • EASY TO INSTALL Simply place the sensors, connect the cables to the control unit, run the calibration routine and the system is ready for use.

  • NO NEED TO OPEN THE CARGO SPACE Opening the cargo space is a time-consuming procedure. MDS detects a heartbeat in a vehicle, so it is not necessary to open it.

MDS – movement detection system



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