A heartbeat detector revealed eleven migrants in a truck in the Czech Republic by SIEZA

Eleven illegal migrants were hiding in a truck trailer, which was stopped by the Czech Foreign Police on the D6 highway near Sokolov on Friday, February 14, 2020. A special heartbeat detection device – MDS – helped the police uncover them.

Sieza is a traditional manufacturer of security systems operating on the market. Our products protect the perimeter of power plants, prisons, civil and military airports, factories, but also shopping malls, apartments and other applications with high-security demand.

Sieza ​Movement Detection System (MDS) is a unique detection system of hidden persons in a vehicle. It provides very fast car inspection time and high detection efficiency.

Ticking the Boxes

  • Easy transportation

  • Extremely fast detection time

  • Immediate operation

Spec list

  • 2x MDS Mobile

The Sieza MDS performed an inspection time of around 2 minutes and totally reliable operation in all circumstances, mainly during the jets overflights. The great advantage of the system is its mobility and the possibility of use anywhere in the protected zone not only at entry points.


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