If the siren goes off, they have to go: the heroes of the volunteer fire brigade. Every second counts! The Loxone Miniserver already performs important services in many operations centers and ensures that no time is lost in the event of an alarm. Just a few simple functions will give you more time in an emergency, even in your fire station.

What happens in the event of an alarm?

The fire brigade's systems are perfectly ingenious, but can be further optimized with a few functions from Loxone. The Kollerschlag volunteer fire brigade, for example, has implemented additional, time-saving functions in addition to the standard functions for lighting, shading, energy management, access, security and the like.

As soon as a call is received at the state warning center, the data is recorded and transmitted to the relevant fire brigade via the warning and alarm system (WAS). There is a receiver in every fire station. From this a signal goes to the siren and via the RS232 interface to the miniserver. In addition, the mission monitors are recorded with the information.

The miniserver triggers the following functions in the event of an alarm:

  • All the doors of the vehicle hall open

  • The entrance door and Florian station are unlocked

  • LED strip in the aisle and the light in the training room shines red

  • Outside light on the forecourt shines brightly

  • Comrades receive a push message in the Loxone app (in addition to the automatic call to the state warning center)

Features that will be added soon:

  • Output of the most important data via the audio server and the loudspeakers

  • Installation of a PV system for intelligent energy management

So that the state warning center knows that the alarm has been accepted, there is a button and an LED strip in the entrance area. This lights up red when there is an alarm. If the first firefighter enters the building and operates the button, the light switches to green - the dispatcher in the state warning center receives the information from WAS: “Now someone is here!”.

“Efficiency and time savings are top priorities for the fire service. Intervening in the control while on the move or at home is extremely helpful. This is guaranteed with the Loxone technology and has already paid off in countless uses. We are really proud of our new fire station and don't want to miss the functions anymore.”

Helmut Lauss

Fire brigade commander, Kollerschlag

Standard functions

Regardless of whether it is lighting, shading, access or security. The new fire brigade center in Kollerschlag makes the heart of every comrade beat faster. Above all, the simple operation via app and the ability to check the situation in the fire department depot from home is one of the favorite functions.

In the past, it was always necessary to check whether after a strenuous mission or a funny meeting, all lights were off, the windows / doors were locked and the gates were closed - today it is enough to press the "leave home" function.

The individual room control also uses actuators and fan heaters to always ensure the perfect temperature in the different rooms:

“In the past it was always too cold or too warm at the meetings in the fire station. The equipment also suffered from the fluctuating temperatures. This is history since the heating was also controlled with Loxone.”

Helmut Lauss

Fire brigade commander , FF Kollerschlag

Even more functions

The range of areas in which Loxone can be used in fire service depots is huge. There are almost no limits to your ideas!

Comrades who live in a Loxone Smart Home can, for example, include even more functionalities in the alarm chain:

  • Text-to-Speech output via the audio server

  • visual alarm via the lighting

  • automatic opening of the garage and deactivation of the wallbox (in case the car is being charged) and much more….