Smart home lighting in a kitchen-diner

Kitchen-diners are fast becoming the heart of modern homes. The children can look over their shoulder while they do their homework as dinner is being prepared. They are the centre of family life, which was not true of the traditional kitchen. So with this in mind, lighting these rooms is now not only about functionality and efficiency. Lighting this open-planned area of a smart home needs to be versatile to meet a wide range of requirements.

LED Pendants

A dining table is a special place in any home – it’s where the family comes together to eat and where friends enjoy a glass of wine. Conventional LED pendant lights illuminate the entire surface of this spacious wooden table and visually separate it from the kitchen area. Their warm white light can be dimmed for a more subtle, romantic lighting mood.

LED Spots

A well-lit work surface is crucial to ensure you have the best possible conditions to prepare food – no one wants to be cutting meat in dim light. As a central ceiling light would cast disturbing shadows while cooking, therefore several LED spots are a much better option – casting light evenly. Existing lights, such as the spot within the extractor fan, have also been integrated into the lighting mood.

LED Strip

LED strip on the furniture and the ceiling provide decorative accents. You can skillfully set individual areas for the perfect lighting mood and, with millions of colour combinations to choose from, you can let your imagination go wild.

TIP: Drywall panels are perfect for bouncing LED strip light off to create beautiful indirect lighting.

Motion Sensors

A motion sensor is a must-have in a Loxone Smart Home as it allows your lighting to be automated. When you enter the kitchen-diner it registers this and brings on some basic lighting. If you’re no longer in the room, then the lights will be turned off – without you having to lift a finger.

Touch Pure

For those who have a particular love of beautiful aesthetics, we have developed this elegant touch switch. With the Touch Pure, you can control lighting, music and shading – all from one intuitive point of control.

Its backlight sets effective accents while also serving as a subtle orientation light. The switch also has a built-in temperature and humidity sensor.

Touch Surface

Ironically, one of our most beautiful points of control is one that you cannot see. With the Touch Surface, you can transform any surface into a switch. Whether your hands are wet or full of dough – control lighting, music, shading or even the extractor fan while you’re cooking.

Central point of control

While we firmly believe that essential functions – such as switching lights on and off – should be controlled by motion sensors and touch switches; should you ever need a greater level of control we have designed our beautiful Loxone app.

TIP: One central point of control per house is sufficient.

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