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Loxone in business: Smart Restaurant TROYKA

TROYKA stands for a trio. Alexander Wulf, Marcel Kokot and Ronny Schreiber are a TROYKA. With the star restaurant of the same name, the two chefs and the sommelier fulfilled a long-standing dream. Namely the one from your own smart restaurant. From lighting and shading to energy management and beyond, everything was realized with Loxone technology. Today, you can find out what was realized in detail and what advantages this resulted for the managing directors and their guests.


In the guest room of the restaurant, a wide variety of lights and spotlights perfectly set the scene for the smart restaurant and thus create an impressive ambience. Thanks to the integration using the DALI Extension, all lighting circuits can be dimmed individually and the brightness can be adjusted to the respective needs.

Thanks to the different operating modes, the lighting automatically adapts to the respective needs. Be it the preparation, the guest business or a party business, the Miniserver always automatically provides the right lighting.


In the guest room, large glass windows provide an unobstructed view of the outside. The extensive glazing also ensures that the building heats up quickly in the warm summer months. Not so in a smart restaurant automated with Loxone. The shading is always based on the position of the sun and thus ensures optimal shading. The managing directors can fully devote themselves to their passion, because the intelligent shading system knows when it needs to be shaded thanks to the Miniserver.


Temperature sensors, door contacts

The special treasures of the two chefs and the sommelier are stored in the cold rooms of the smart restaurant. Thanks to integrated temperature sensors, the cold rooms are precisely regulated to a constant temperature, so that the valuable food and wine are not damaged. Should the cooling units fail, the Miniserver immediately raises the alarm by means of a push notification and immediate action can be taken. Thanks to integrated door contacts, the opening status is recorded and an alarm is also triggered if a cold store door is left open for too long. This protects the managing directors from major damage.


In the smart restaurant, particular attention was paid to load management, since the energy-intensive catering kitchen appliances exceed the maximum capacity of the building when operating at full capacity. With the freely configurable Loxone Config, the free software for configuring a Loxone building, a load management system individually adapted to the building was implemented. Depending on the prioritization, consumers switch off successively in order to reduce the current power consumption and to maintain smooth guest operations.


But the guests not only enjoy excellent food and drinks, the right musical accompaniment is also provided. Depending on the operating mode, the audio server provides beat-heavy sounds during the preparations and soothing background music in the guest business. But the audio server can do even more! A voice notification is automatically issued via the individual text-to-speech notifications when guest operation starts or the fan level is increased.


The smart technology often keeps a low profile and automates the trades invisibly in the background. The automation in the two cold rooms, in which the sommelier's valuable bottles are stored, behaves differently. These shine due to LED strips in the colors blue for white wine and red for red wine. Thanks to the glass walls and the effect lighting, this ensures a real eye-catcher when entering the restaurant. When sommelier Ronny Schreiber enters the cold store to present his guests with the fine wines, the lighting automatically switches to bright, warm white light. After leaving the room, the impressive effect lighting is automatically restored.



449/63 Truong Chinh, Tan Binh, HCMC, Vietnam.

Hotline: 0902 401 488


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