The Giant in security technology - Jablotron launch important new products!

Ascani & Jablotron present important new products on the security market , ranging from detectors to intrusion control units , from access modules and touch keyboards to smart sockets .

"Jablotron never stops!" enthusiastically highlight from the Ascani headquarters in Grottammare.

With the Autumn 2022 campaign, Ascani & Jablotron therefore launch the new series of products that are added to the Jablotron 100+ range already present and operational on the security market.


Here are the main innovations that enrich the Jablotron 100+ range.

JA-150F Wireless flood detector

The JA-150F detector, via the alarm system, indicates any water leakage or flooding before the water can cause major damage. In fact, in case of detection it can close the water supply valve and immediately send an alarm signal.

The detector can be placed anywhere in the room , such as near the washing machine, dishwasher or other possible sources of water leaks. Water leaks can also be monitored outside the building , for example in case of heavy rain.

Ascani & Jablotron specify that the F-Link software has been optimized so that the product occupies only one position instead of two.

JA-169P Two-zone outdoor PIR motion detector

The JA-169P detector is designed to detect the movement of people in the outdoor environment . The optical part of the detector contains two PIR sensors with AND logic . The alarm signal occurs only if both detection zones are crossed at the same time.

The detector's lenses and polycarbonate housing are UV resistant.

JA-152SHM Wireless bump or tilt detector

JA-152SHM is a combined shock or tilt detector with magnetic contact . In shock detection mode it responds to vibrations and shocks.

In tilt detection mode it responds to changes in position.

It can detect a foreign magnetic field and prevent any tampering by a foreign magnetic field source. It also has the opening detection function, like a classic magnetic sensor.

JA-103K-7Ah Burglar alarm and home automation control panel Jablotron 100+ alarm system

Control panels are essential elements of the Jablotron 100+ alarm system . They are used to monitor and collect information from individual detectors and to evaluate actions. The JA-103K control panels offer possibilities for intelligent functions and home automation .

The JA-103K-7Ah control panel is designed for medium-sized bus and wireless installations.

Thanks to its larger size, it offers more space to house a 12V 7Ah battery, which provides sufficient backup even in the event of frequent power outages .

JA-120E-WH / -BK and JA-121E-WH / -BK: access modules and touch keyboard with RFID reader

The JA-120E access module and JA-121E touch keypad offer a unique combination of modern design with dual RFID reading technology.

The front surface is made of a special tempered synthetic glass which cannot be easily scratched by keys or other objects.

They are available in glossy white (-WH) and black (-BK) colors. The great advantage of these new access modules is that they feature dual RFID reading technology. This means that they support the reading of cards and chips at frequencies of 125 kHz , which is used by the Jablotron 100+ range but also at 13.56MHz , a frequency used by many other systems.

The access module JA-121E acts as a keyboard for the management of a single section of the system and can manage an output. A practical example is that of being able to activate and deactivate the system by entering the code or approaching the card, and use the two control keys to open or close a door.

The access module JA-120E, on the other hand, is a simple reader that allows you to activate or deactivate an output.

JB-160N-PLUG / JB-161N-PLUG Smart sockets

Smart wireless sockets with two-way communication represent a completely new solution for automation within the Jablotron 100+ system.

The sockets provide a galvanically isolated and safety switching contact for switching power loads up to 230V / 16 A (3600W)

The status of the socket is indicated by an LED indicator, in the form of a button illuminated according to the logic of the segment.


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