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The Smart Gym 'CityFit' with Loxone

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The employees of the studio were tired of running from device to device in the morning as well as in the evening to switch it on or off. With the integration of Loxone, it is now enough to press a single button to turn all the equipment on or off. Automatic studio activation is also a relief for staff, as premium customers can enter the studio outside of supervised hours.


The Loxone Miniserver has often proven its versatility. The fitness studio CityFit uses the Miniserver as an intelligent control center and thus practical functions in daily operations can be realized fully automatically. Before using Loxone, the gym staff had to walk from device to device to turn it on or off.

In this project, the main focus was on making things easier for the gym staff. In addition to the central functions, lighting, ventilation, sound and access were also implemented with Loxone.


The miniserver thinks for itself in the smart gym and helps to save energy by disconnecting all power-operated fitness equipment from the power supply at the end of the day. Studio operation starts automatically when a customer enters, and it shuts down automatically after they leave or outside of opening hours.

Audio and sound systems are in preparation at Cityfit in Rohrbach and will also be implemented in the future. By integrating the audio server from Loxone, it will later be possible to control the music individually depending on the room or mood (e.g.:. in the weight room or the aerobics room).

The complete lighting is based on two setting options: Either all off or automatic mode. Brightness sensors automatically determine whether the lighting should be activated or in which areas the lighting can be deactivated. In the gym, it lights up only where it is necessary.

Enough oxygen is consumed in the gym, so the Miniserver keeps an eye on the air quality throughout the gym via the distributed CO2 sensors. If the CO2 level is too high, the Miniserver automatically activates the ventilation.



Showroom: 449/63 Truong Chinh, Ward 14, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: +84 902 401 488


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