With an abundance of resources at our fingertips, there’s no reason we should have to stress about saving energy. For instance, we’ve all wondered if we left a few lights on before leaving for work, or if we turned down the heat enough before vacation. Now, imagine that your house could simply do these things for you and even cut your energy consumption in half. Well, by having these systems intelligently work together, this possibility is a reality.

Where is your energy going?

As with a great deal of things in life, we have to understand what’s going on before we can jump to solutions. So, where is all this wasted energy going? According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), most Americans spend a majority of their household energy on heating and cooling. Unfortunately, lighting and electronic costs are not far behind.

In this study done by the Department of Energy (D.E.), they found that we’re throwing away about 25% of this energy through inefficient HVAC practices, household appliances, and leaky windows/ducts.

Therefore the biggest question at hand now is how can we manage these issues when we’re not even aware of them? Here at Loxone, we have the answers for making your home energy-efficient and effortlessly automated.

Below are the three systems that can become automated to work together to save energy (and money!).

1. Automated heating and cooling systems

For a great deal of Americans, setting the temperature in our homes can be difficult and wasteful for a slew of different reasons. Whether it’s because of different household members’ sensitivity to temperature, poorly circulated window-units, or wasted energy in unused rooms, regulating is tough!

An intelligently controlled HVAC system thinks like we do and optimizes itself accordingly by lowering and raising the temperature – all without the need for a thermostat. In fact, the system factors in the time of day and any presence sensed in the home to ensure there’s no energy being wasted. According to the D.E., we can save 10% per year on heating and cooling simply by turning the thermostat up or down 7° to 10° for 8 hours a day.

Cutting down on heating and cooling costs

For example, in 2017 our show home in Media, PA proved that we could save energy with an automated and optimized HVAC system. After just a month, our systems showed us that we used 60% less energy than our neighbors! Moreover, this was achieved while also keeping perfect temperature regulation for every member of the house in each room: kitchen 68°, living room 71°, and the bedroom at 63°.

A key part of this optimization was through the use of sensors that can detect whether windows are open. In the event that a window is open in a given room, the system can shut off to aid in saving and maintaining energy for efficiency. So, let in a nice breeze without fear! With the ability to cut down costs that much all while you’re away at work, upgrading to a smart system pays for itself.

2. Smart shading for busy lives

Taking back your home’s energy For most of the U.S., controlling our blinds is a tedious task that requires constant adjustment to maintain the right amount of light. Isn’t it crazy to think that natural light (or the lack thereof) through the windows could be costing you extra money on your utility bill?

During the summer months, the sun can easily warm up a room and cause our cooling systems to work harder to maintain temperature. Then, in the winter, our heating systems hard work goes to waste with heat slipping through the windows. But with automated shading, this sticky problem is as easy as breathing.

Regulating the sun year round

Automated shades will know when to automatically open in the winter to let in the sun’s natural heat, giving you passive heating – with no additional cost to you! Similarly, in the summertime your home closes all the shades to keep you cool.

Your home will always be paying attention to outside temperatures to self-regulate for the perfect environment, which can save you up to 30% on energy costs. Taking into account the efficiency of an automated HVAC system, it’s clear to see how shading can only enhance energy savings.

3. Lighting up only what’s necessary

When it comes to lighting our homes, sometimes we can’t help but forget to turn a few lights off every now and then. More often than not, this leads to unnecessary lightbulb burnout which ultimately costs us extra money.

An easy fix is a simple switch: LED lighting. These multi-faceted lights are hands down the most energy-efficient on the market. In fact, our own LED Spots have a service life of 25,000 hours which, based on 2.7 hours of daily use, equates to nearly 25 years! With this kind of low-voltage lighting, you can save 30% on lighting costs alone.

Saving energy beyond the lighting fixture, Loxone controls help you turn off the lights by working in tandem with our presence sensors. This way you’re only using light where it’s actually needed. As if you thought it couldn’t get better, the sensors will also adjust the brightness based on natural light and time of day. Truly, cutting costs and saving energy has never been this easy.

Bonus Tip: Un-plug, Save-up

Perhaps one of the biggest culprits of energy-eating are our electronic devices, both big and small. It’s obvious to say to turn off devices like your TV and computer when not in use, but when automated this is a huge energy saver. Many electronics nowadays offer stand-by modes to aid in energy-saving, but even then, there’s still energy being used. Intelligent home controls that switch off devices is a next-level energy saver, especially when HVAC systems, shading, and lighting are already working together.

Some of these appliances are too essential to simply unplug, so we recommend checking the product guide and instructions before purchasing them. Being mindful of the operating costs can be a big step in helping you cut costs each month for the next 10 to 20 years.

Tracking energy costs in one App

Implementing all these tips will make an impressive change in your utility costs, but you can take it one step further by tracking them in real-time. The Loxone App offers you energy statistics to discover ways to save even more energy, right at your fingertips.

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