Loxone Touch Nightlight - more than a smart switch

The Touch Nightlight is far more than just an ordinary nightlight. It’s an alarm, control unit, ambient light and nightlight all at the same time. This versatility makes it the perfect addition for all rooms, particularly the bedroom.

Extensive lighting functions

Ambient light

Whether you enjoy a cup of tea, a good book or a film before bed – the bedroom isn’t just for sleeping.

The Touch Nightlight subtly illuminates your bedroom in a range of colours. This ensures a pleasant atmosphere and your well-being.

Just like the sun

A more natural way to wake up.

For example, a slowly increasing light intensity simulates a sunrise and its effects on natural circadian rhythm. From a soft morning red to a bright sunshine yellow you can start the new day full of energy.

Find your way

Even if you’re not afraid of the monsters under the bed anymore, everyone can still appreciate a small nightlight.

When you have to get up in the middle of the night, the Touch Nightlight is gentle enough to help find your way yet not too harsh to wake anyone up.

Sweet dreams

Every parent wishes sweet dreams for their children. But sometimes their dream adventures cause a sense of danger.

For this reason, the Touch Nightlight has a built-in motion sensor that lights up just enough to signal that everything is fine and see there is no danger.

Operation has never been so easy with an integrated Touch Pure

The Touch Nightlight incorporates the Touch Pure which makes this a stylish control panel for your home. Air technology allows you to place the Touch Nightlight almost anywhere around the home. We’d suggest placing it on your bedside table so you can control your smart home from the comfort of your bed. The inputs are freely assignable, however, we recommend the larger centre touch point for lighting and the four corners for shading and music control.

An easier way to wake up

Choose how you’d like to wake up

The Touch Nightlight will help you transition easily to start the day. You have the option of five alarm tones together with an integrated light alarm clock or in combination with your shading or music server.

Get up softly or wake up with instant loudness or brightness if that’s what you prefer. There are many possible combinations to awaken your senses.

Just five more minutes

Turn off the alarm completely with a simple touch to the “Alarm” touch point. Hit snooze with a tap anywhere else on the Touch Nightlight. The amount of time in snooze mode until the next alarm is up to you.

Just in time with a different kind of alarm

In the Real Smart Home, the Touch Nightlight becomes part of the alarm system as well as the fire and water control panel. If the building alarm is triggered, you will hear the Touch Nightlight react and then an alarm will go off to warn you of possible danger along with flashing lights.

Learn more about the Touch Nightlight

Would you like to make your Real Smart Home even more comfortable with the extensive functions of the Touch Nightlight? Visit our shop to see what else the Touch Nightlight can do.


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