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TREVOS FROST Light "Cold never bothered me anyway"

For cold stores and freezing facilities with temperatures down up to -25 °C.

Temperatures of chilled foods range from 0–5 degrees, whilst in freezing facilities can drop up to -25 degrees Celsius. Suitable luminaires for such demanding environments must handle extreme low temperatures, withstand condensation and vapors, have low maintenance and long service life to keep costs low.

Our lighting fixture for freezing storage and chilled storage saroundings is made of ABS material, is weather-proofed and chemically resistant (IP66 and IK 06). FROST provide with high quality and good solution enduring a long service life of 50 000 hours.


  • Constant luminous flux even in ambient temperature of -25 °C

  • Maximum system efficacy: 136 lm/W

  • Maximum ambient temperature: ta = 25 °C (version with emergency back-up source for 1 or 3 hours; M1h, M3h)

  • Maximum ambient temperature: ta = 25 °C

  • Lifetime: 50,000 hours / L90B10

  • Standard model - CRI > 80: 4000 K

  • At request CRI > 80: 3000 K, 5000 K, 6500 K, CRI > 90: 3000 K, 4000 K

  • It can be delivered in dimmable or emergency version

  • High temperature resistance in a range from ta = -40°C to ta = 25°C

  • MacAdam = 3 SDCM

Materials / finishes

  • Diffuser: translucent acrylate (AC), UV stable, chemically resistant

  • Body: dark grey (ABS), UV stable, chemically resistant

  • Reflector: steel sheet, white colour (RAL 9003)

  • Sealing: polyurethane (PUR), foamed body groove

  • Cable glands: screwed PG 13,5

  • Distance part: polyamide + 10 % glass fibre

  • Terminal block: screwless, three-pole (basic version)

Electric equipment

  • Electric equipment: LED modules, current driver


  • Package contains stainless hooks and stainless brackets


More information:

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