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Offer technology which will dominate the market. We dealt with all the problems associated with mobile access so far.


6 months of intensive testing at a busy office building has produced results. We have tested over 15,000 door openings with 100 different phone models covering 20 brands. You really can trust WaveKey.

THE FASTEST ON THE MARKET WaveKey opens the door in 0.3 seconds, so you won’t have any problems using it in a busy office environment. The secret lies in its unique pre-authentication system of up to 8 mobile phones within the reader’s range.


Thanks to adaptive algorithms and RSSi signal trend analysis, the reader knows whether the user is approaching the reader or moving away from it. A phone within range but lying on a table will never open a door.

BULLETPROOF SECURITY Bluetooth communication is fully protected in our own secure channel. We used AES-128 and RSA-1024 encryption keys. It is essentially impossible to eavesdrop and misuse mobile credentials.

FRICTIONLESS DISTRIBUTION With a few clicks in the web interface, the administrator generates mobile credentials and sends them to users remotely. There is no need to meet users to provide their credentials or spend on costly physical distribution.

WE DON’T CHARGE FOR CREDENTIALS Liberate companies from needless costs. Mobile credentials for access control are always cheaper than RFID cards, but from us, they are completely free of charge. Just like the 2N® Mobile Key application itself.

Choose from 4 different modes

Touch mode ensures absolute convenience. Users only touch the reader with their hand or elbow and leave their phone in their pocket.

Contactless Tap in app mode offers greater security. Users must disable any lock screen, and open the door via a virtual button in the app. This is also an ideal way to open the exit gate from a car park while sitting in the car.

Motion mode is completely contactless. All you have to do is approach the video intercom with the phone in your pocket or wave your hand over its camera and the door will open.

The last option is Card mode. The phone works as a card, and the user has to place it right next to the reader. This is similar to the popular NFC technology, but with WaveKey, it works with Android and iOS phones.

What does our mobile access solution involve?

Users must have the 2N® Mobile Key application installed on their phones. The app is available for iOS and Android platforms and is free of charge. The solution also includes our Bluetooth access control readers. This is specifically available for selected products from the 2N Access Unit 2.0 family, the 2N Access Unit M and the 2N® IP Verso intercom with Bluetooth module. We recommend using the 2N® Access Commander software for clear and quick management of the smart access control system and mobile credentials.

For more information, please contact to us:

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