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Zepcam Bodycams for roadworks staff after rising incidents and aggression

Frontline professionals working on road construction for TBL Traffic (U.K.) will start wearing bodycams after a consistent rise in incidents. Bodycams for roadworks staff will reduce the number of incidents and escalations while they conduct crucial repairs.

After many industries in the U.K. have embraced bodycam solutions, now a road construction firm, TBL traffic, has joined the movement. After years of rising incidents, the firm believes the time is right for bodycam implementation.

Bodycams for roadworks staff

Since the start of the pandemic, road construction firm TBL Traffic has recorded a 10% increase in incidents and aggression. This unfortunate increase came about despite a general reduction in traffic as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, a report from Highways England showed that there are over 3000 incidents and escalations a week between the road workers and the public. In response to this several initiatives by the Essex County Council were realized, including extra patrols, direct communication with on-duty police officers and a limited number of bodycams for road workers.

The roadworks staff of TBL Traffic has experienced both verbal and physical aggression, resulting in the decision to acquire bodycam solutions by the company itself. The operations director who implemented the bodycam program hopes that bodycams will make people think twice before committing abuse towards the essential workers who are vital for the country’s infrastructure.

The Road Surface Treatments Association has welcomed the decision to protect staff in the industry with bodycams and reacted to earlier concessions by the Essex County Council:

“Working on a live road is dangerous enough without the additional threats of verbal and physical abuse. Motorists complain about the condition of our roads, yet when our members go out to repair them they are subjected to swearing, being spat at or even shot at. Road workers have a right to be protected from this and we welcome moves by Essex County Council to provide body cameras as a deterrent.” – Howard Robinson – RSTA Chief Executive

Bodycams have proven to deter, de-escalate and provide evidence when necessary

Other frontline professionals, from paramedics to delivery and retail staff have experienced the significantly reduced number and intensity of incidents. Added to this is the effective and efficient prosecution of offenders based on video-evidence of what actually was done and said. Which helps to further discourage and prevent future violations. The professionals are, and feel, more safe with bodycam systems to assist their work on the frontline for all of us.

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