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ZEPCAM images used 29 times in German court cases

The police working in the Diepholz district in Germany have been using bodycams on their patrols for a year and a half. The bodycams were implemented due to the increasing number of attacks on officers.

ZEPCAM T2+ Bodycams have been used at the Diepholz police station since 2020. The police are positive about their solution.

Bodycams used for self-protection

The bodycam films when necessary, but it also scares people off. The bodycam is not intended to permanently film everything that the wearer sees, but to prevent criminal offenses and help support investigations through irrefutable evidence. It is particularly about reducing attacks on police officers. “The cameras are an operational resource and are used for self-protection,” says Police Commissioner Sina Schlueter, spokeswoman for the Diepholz police station Schlüter.

Bodycam has a deterrent effect

If a situation threatens to escalate on a patrol, the camera has a deterrent effect, something Police Superintendent Melanie Klemm and Commissioner Sina Schlueter have pointed out. They mention rioters and drunk people as an example. If there are indications of the mood threatening to change and potential violence against the officials, then the officials wearing the bodycam will quickly record what is happening. Both Klemm and Schlueter stress that these videos can be used as evidence in court. In the past year and a half, this has happened in no less than 29 cases.

Klemm stresses that the camera can and should only be activated when it comes to the issue of intrinsic safety of the officers. Nobody should activate these cameras for fun, because the videos are stored on an internal server. The camera must also not be switched on in private rooms for privacy reasons. Filming in public, however, is not a problem.

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