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Smart sauna temperature control with Loxone

If health benefits of saunas already have you dreaming of your very own sauna room, then you’ll really be convinced by the possibilities with Loxone automation. Your dream sauna can go beyond the luxury shown by celebrity selfies in infrared saunas. Add automation into any type of sauna dream and you’ve got yourself luxury for your own personal lifestyle:

What are the possibilities for sauna control?

· Precise, power-independent temperature control of the sauna heater

· Reliable monitoring of temperature by sensors on the ceiling

· Temperature correction for any temperature differences within sauna (ceiling, bench, etc.)

· Activate sauna lighting mood right in the Loxone App

· Sound system with built-in speakers

· Simple control with Touch Surface built into the sauna wall

· Safety switch incase of overheating or emergency

· Total load monitoring with activation of further loads such as a Wallbox


Smart sauna starter kit:

For sauna temperature control

· Miniserver as the central control or “brain” of the sauna

· Temperature monitoring with Temperature & Humidity Sensor – Sauna

· Contactor

· Sauna heater

For optional personalization

· Lighting control with LED Strips installed in aluminum rails

· Music control with Music Server, Amplifier and Speaker

· Unique, simple control with Touch Surface


How to plan for smart sauna control

First up is, of course, the sauna heater. This is controlled by using relays and contactors. During the construction phase, make sure that there are sufficient cables leading from the distributor to the sauna for:

· Sauna heater (high voltage current)

· Touch Surface

· Lighting

· Safety switch

· Speakers

· Fan/ventilation

In this traditional Finnish sauna above, you see a wood-lined room with a modern touch of LED Strips. They were installed under the bench to create a subtle glow. With a protection class of IP 20, this ensures that the silicone covered strips will not emit any odor from the heat. The strips are also installed within an aluminum rail for protection from moisture and corrosion.

The audio function in the sauna comes from built-in Loxone Speakers underneath the bench. Keep in mind the possible temperature ranges that you may reach in your sauna. The temperature range suitable for Loxone Speakers can be found in our Datasheet.

For sauna operation, the Touch Surface is built into the wall of the sauna. Wall thickness is important to keep in mind while planning for built-in Touch Surface control. At the location of each Touch point, a hole was drilled into the wall.

Your remote control sauna with the Loxone App

Your personal sauna experience

Regularly updated and free, the app makes it easy for you to activate your sauna from any location. With a selection of customized panels, you can always choose the best way to unwind.

View sauna status

For example, as you’re leaving a long day at work, you can activate the sauna so that it reaches your target temperature by the time you get home. You can always check on your sauna’s status in view.

Make instant changes in comfort

The sauna will know how to adjust itself just the way you’d like it. But if you ever want to change the temperature, lighting or music, you can do so instantly in the app.

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