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TrEx is a new explosion-proof LED light fixture by TREVOS!

Đã cập nhật: 27 thg 7, 2021

TREVOS has recently introduced TrEx a new metal LED luminaire range designated for hazardous zones 1/21 and 2/22.

The fixture premiered at Amper, a major electronics show that takes place in Brno, Czech Republic. IP66-rated, the class II category 2 luminaire is made to withstand temperatures from -40°C to +55°C. Customers may choose from two sizes and four output versions ranging from 3,070 lm to 12,300 lm.

TrEx luminaires may be fitted with plastic, metal, or armour-plated ATEX bushings and attached to hanging windows, pipe structures, and raster ceilings. The LED modules boast a life cycle of 75,000 hours to L80B50, or 110,000 hours to L70B50.

Metal industrial LED light fitting intended for environment with risk of explosion with satinated tempered safety glass.

The metal light fitting with satinated tempered safety glass is suitable for environment with hazard of explosion of gases, vapours and dust for zones 1, 21 and 2, 22. It meets the requirements of the European Community Directive No. 2014/34/EU. It is resistant against chemically aggressive environment, therefore it fits for industrial premises like chemical factories, plants for processing of gases and oil, power plants, army facilities, automotive factories, laboratories and other facilities of heavy and mechanical engineering. The light fitting in IP66 protection is resistant against dust and splashing water.


  • Light fitting protection: IP66

  • Version with emergency back-up source for 1 or 3 hours; M1h, M3h

  • Maximum ambient temperature: ta = 0 – 40 °C (version with emergency back-up source for 1 or 3 hours; M1h, M3h)

  • Maximum ambient temperature: ta = 55 °C

  • Maximum ambient temperature: ta = 40 °C, Maximum ambient temperature: ta = 25 °C (version with emergency back-up source for 1 or 3 hours; M1h, M3h)

  • Minimum ambient temperature: ta = -40 °C

  • Lifetime: 75 000 hours / L80B50 at ta = 55 °C, 110 000 hours / L70B50 at ta = 55°C

  • For hazardous areas of zones 1, 21 and 2, 22

  • Standard model - CRI > 80: 4000 K

  • Optional through wiring (up to 7 wires inside the light fitting)

  • The watt and lumen values can, in accordance with valid standards, vary by ± 7,5 %

  • Halogen-free wires with higher thermal resistance

Materials / finishes

  • Diffusor: satinized tempered safety glass

  • Body: steel sheet, white colour (RAL 9003)

  • Sealing: glued EPDM

  • Cable glands: plastic ATEX cable glands M20 × 1,5

  • Terminal block: ATEX, screwless WAGO, Cable cross-section max: 4 mm2

  • LED modules, current driver and disconnector with ATEX certificate

Attachment method

  • Holders directly on the ceiling

  • Side suspensions on the wall

  • Adjustable side suspensions on the wall

  • Suspension eyes 2 × M6 - in standard model

  • Holders on tube structures

  • Recessed frame for false ceiling

For more information, please kindly contact to:

Eurostellar | Representative of Trevos lighting in Southeast Asia

Hotline: +84 902 401 488


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