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SIEZA PERIDECT + Perimeter Protection System

PERIDECT+ detects an intruder directly on the boundary of the protected area and gains sufficient time for the security operator for an effective reaction. It brings lower risk and higher prevention of larger damage than intrusion detection inside the protected site. Peridect+ can be installed on all common types of fencing but also on non-standard fencing like metal plates and welded decorative fences.


  • EXTREMELY LOW NUISANCE ALARM RATE With a unique algorithm that compares data from neighboring detectors, Peridect+ dramatically reduces nuisance alarms caused by weather conditions like rain, wind, hail and lightning.

  • COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTION One control unit CUP+ (with two line controllers LCP+) covers up to 3 km of your perimeter. Cascading CUP+ units allows you to protect hundreds of kilometers of your fence.

  • NATIVE INTEGRATION WITH IP CAMERAS In case of intrusion detection, the external IP PTZ camera is automatically directed to move to the intrusion area for two-step verification.

  • DETECTION ACCURACY Thanks to addressable vibration sensors fitted at each fence panel, Peridect+ supports very high detection accuracy – typically 3m.

  • ANTIVANDAL SOLUTION Stainless steel tube for cables increases protection against mechanical damage and electromagnetic interference.

  • GALVANIC ISOLATION OF DETECTION LINE Each detection line is galvanically isolated from the CUP+ unit. This provides much higher electomagnetic immunity.

  • SYMETRICAL CONNECTION OF DETECTORS A symmetrical two-wire connection simplifie installation of the system because of unnecessary to follow the polarity of the wire. It also increases system resistance EMI

  • REDUNDANCY Ring connection with one control unit and two line controllers (master/slave) can be used for system back up in case of detection line interruption or a short circuit.

  • INTEGRATIONS WITH 3RD PARTY SYSTEMS Programmable outputs can be linked to security control panels. An open API is available for a PSIM and a VMS integration. These softwares can display the exact location of an intrusion.

  • MODULARITY Modular architecture of Peridect + allows easy modification, system extension




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