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Security Solutions for Factory from Europe

Factories are complex environments with a multitude of security challenges. From protecting valuable assets to ensuring the safety of employees, implementing a robust security system is crucial for any manufacturing facility. European security solutions offer a comprehensive approach to safeguarding factories, utilizing cutting-edge technology and proven methodologies to mitigate risks and enhance overall security.

factory security

When discussing factory security, the typical thoughts revolve around security patrols and surveillance cameras. However, these measures alone are insufficient. Surveillance cameras serve to monitor and document incidents without warning capabilities, making them vulnerable to manipulation through basic methods like wire cutting, angle adjustments, blurring, or obstruction. This susceptibility increases security vulnerabilities. Hence, a factory's comprehensive security system, compliant with EU/G7 standards, should encompass the following security layers:

Secure the main gate, perimeter, and exterior of the campus.

A protective barrier aids in safeguarding the expansive campus.

For expansive areas spanning a circumference of 3km or more, the pulse fence solution proves optimal. Pulse sensors are strategically placed along the fence at intervals of 3-5m. Upon detecting an intrusion such as climbing or breaching, the sensors promptly intercept, analyze, and alert. An alarm bell sounds, a flashing indicator light activates, and cameras pivot to monitor the breach. Simultaneously, security personnel are alerted via a map interface for swift resolution.


The sensors can analyze impacts from storms, weather, and pets with up to 98.3% accuracy. They perform effectively in hot weather, snowfall, and harsh environments. Included with the system is centralized management software that seamlessly integrates surveillance cameras, control, alarms, and displays on 3D maps swiftly and effortlessly.


Barrier aids in safeguarding small and medium-sized campuses.

For factory areas with a limited perimeter, utilizing Barriers/Photobeam IP can be a highly efficient solution. These Barriers operate in pairs, sending and receiving infrared beams in tandem along the virtual fence. Typically mounted on fences encircling factory grounds, they promptly activate an alarm, sounding a loud horn, flashing lights, and transmitting a signal to the security room pinpointing the precise location when someone breaches the fence and interrupts the infrared beams simultaneously, signaling a security breach.


If an integrated Jablotron camera is present, the security guard will receive a video clip immediately upon the alarm for prompt action. Furthermore, sound speakers and lights can be activated to deter thieves.

Access control, attendance, and worker management within the Jablotron 100+ system.

Supervision of automated parking facilities for employees and company vehicles.

Managing the parking lot entrance during peak hours can be challenging. However, with the implementation of a Barrier system and smart parking management at your factory, this task becomes more manageable. Employees and regular services such as mail delivery, shipments, official vehicles, and leadership vehicles will benefit from automatic license plate recognition and integrated barriers that automatically open doors and log schedules.

For visitors and strangers, the system will require a card, collect information, capture a photo of the license plate, provide access, and verify departure from the premises.

Automatic schedules will be implemented to operate efficiently. For instance, during peak hours in the morning, the entire Barrier will automatically switch to ENTRANCE to facilitate the swift movement of the high volume of workers, and conversely during off-peak hours.


Automated timekeeping and attendance through facial recognition or magnetic card.

At the factory entrance, a timekeeping system utilizing facial recognition or magnetic cards will manage time and attendance. Upon shift entry, the system will automatically record attendance, conduct body temperature checks, and prompt employees to adhere to 5K safety measures.

Moreover, the screen effortlessly incorporates daily notifications like fire prevention training schedules, production line modifications, and notes, aiding employees in promptly assimilating new information daily.


Send automated reports to the Shift Manager or Factory Director.

At the start of each shift, employees pass through the tripod security gate, swiping their magnetic cards at the machine. An IP camera captures photos, identifies, and stores worker information, generating reports. Supervisors and managers receive attendance and punctuality reports, highlighting tardiness, departures, and unauthorized individuals. The Board of Directors and the Organization Department can conveniently review reports for management, capacity evaluation, or payroll purposes.

For units that do not utilize Face Recognition, we also offer identification features such as magnetic cards, passwords, fingerprints, in addition to security and safety technologies.


Prevent fraud, card borrowing, and card theft.

Strict access control is implemented to prevent fraud, including an anti-passback feature. When USER A is on-site at the facility, any attempt by another individual to use USER A's ID for access will trigger a warning and access will be denied. This measure effectively reduces the risk of unauthorized entry or theft by intruders.

Zoning production to avoid disorder and confusion.

The system can partition operations, activate night modes, partial protection modes, and allocate access rights based on user level, area, time, authority, and purpose of use, while also enhancing operational ease.

For instance:

  • Workshop A employees have access solely to Workshop A and are restricted from entering areas B, C, and D. The foreman is permitted to enter factory areas during office hours but is prohibited from disabling the system outside of authorized times.

  • Security guards have access to all areas using their personal cards, enabling remote access through computers. The factory director is notified of security breaches in restricted areas, among other incidents. Various methods exist for assigning authority to different individuals.

face id

Access control during operational hours

Ensuring uninterrupted operation is crucial for safeguarding the factory's assets. However, it extends beyond that to encompass the significant repercussions of production halts on the factory's operations and overall business standing. This feature entails choosing the reason for leaving, which will be gathered and communicated to management.

During working hours, employees are required to scan their magnetic card, identification card, or password and choose the relevant entry and exit purpose. The Management Board has the authority to customize the icon based on specific requirements such as dining and drinking, hygiene, meetings, breaks, personal reasons, etc.

The system will automatically notify the Foreman if workers are absent for over 30 minutes and will save the data.

The report will be transmitted through software to the Management Board and will be accessible to every employee. For instance, the system will identify that employee A, in October 2023, left their post 30 times during the shift to smoke, surpassing the Company's guidelines, and will require a reminder to address this issue.

Optional entry and exit procedures
Optional entry and exit procedures


Losing a product or equipment may not pose a significant issue for the factory. However, if it leads to production delays, impacts employee morale, or disrupts deliveries, it becomes a major concern. Hence, ensuring factory security is of utmost importance.

In addition to safeguarding the perimeter and tightly regulating access, locations like doors, rear entrances, windows, ventilation, and even courtyards frequently require installation of security sensors. Upon intrusion or an object crossing the area, the alarm will promptly sound, and the security personnel will receive visuals from the closest camera.


Security sensors are installed on rooftops and accessible areas.

The truck's cargo doors (Docking) receive warnings in case of an incident.

Moreover, the system aids in safeguarding factory assets against fires, explosions, and leaks of toxic gases and gas. The factory features state-of-the-art TCP/IP fire and smoke sensors capable of pinpointing and locating fires or smoke using optical technology.

The Fire and Smoke Sensor offers four optional modes: heat only, smoke only, smoke and heat, smoke or heat. The factory maintains a consistently stable temperature with Jablotron thermal sensors. Smart sensors promptly detect flooding, gas leaks, and toxic gases, triggering immediate valve closure.

The sensors can function within the system or switch to autonomy if the connection to the center is lost due to any issue.


The sensors can function within the system or switch to autonomy if the connection to the center is lost due to any issue.

In case of an emergency, alarm buttons are strategically positioned for easy visibility. These buttons can be activated by workers and officials in situations like falls, work accidents, or when assistance is required.

AI camera system monitoring factory operations.

Warehouse and factory surveillance: Cameras are positioned in work areas to oversee the import and export operations of warehouses and factories, mitigating the risk of goods loss.

Office area surveillance: A fisheye camera provides panoramic observation with a 360-degree viewing angle, eliminating blind spots. Additionally, hemispherical cameras offer wide viewing angles and adjustable focal lengths for integrated object and motion detection.

Warning in Critical Areas: Leveraging advanced object recognition technology, DDA VIDEO ANALYTICS enables the differentiation between 2- and 4-wheeled vehicles and humans. This technology allows the system to trigger an alarm or send an emergency notification selectively, minimizing false alarms triggered by environmental factors like lighting changes, swaying trees, or animals. Establish restricted zones to deter unauthorized entry into high-value warehouses or create virtual barriers to prevent employees from accessing hazardous areas, ensuring secure passage.



Incorporating cameras into the alarm system: IP Jablotron cameras are fully integrated into the Jablotron system, facilitating observation and monitoring of activities in the factory. In the event of an incident, the camera automatically transmits a 60-second clip at the time of the occurrence to aid security/management in identifying the incident, offering solutions, and retracing to determine the cause. Additionally, it is feasible to integrate Provision ISR cameras into the alarm system using an RTSP stream link.

Thanks to this, security and safety risks are promptly alerted, aiding in the swift detection and management of incidents, reducing harm to individuals and assets, and guaranteeing uninterrupted factory operations. The system can function autonomously and consistently update device statuses. Managers are always informed of any malfunctioning equipment or issues transpiring at the factory.

Automated Operation of Additional Factory Systems

Automating systems

In addition to ensuring the security, safety, and control of the factory, the system also supports automation features such as opening/closing rolling doors, turning on/off lighting systems, or adjusting ventilation systems in the factory remotely, automatically, or according to schedule or context. Various beneficial applications can be implemented.

Automatically open the dock door upon the company truck's approach. No manual intervention required; simply activate the truck's lights, prompting the rolling doors to smoothly and conveniently open automatically.

Automate the irrigation of the factory's surrounding campus to enhance landscaping and environmental conservation.

Oversee patrols and document schedules for security professionals.

Security patrols involve more than just assigning employees to periodically monitor factory premises; it also entails ensuring their compliance, timeliness, and various other factors. It can be quite a challenging task.

Jablotron offers a variety of patrol support and monitoring options, such as body-worn Bodycams, enabling patrols to easily observe, record, and store schedules. You can also access and update the location and route map of employees during shifts. All data is internally stored with advanced AES256bit encryption.

For more information: 


Oversee the factory's trucks and specialized vehicles.

Jablotron not only manages and protects factories but also offers customers the ability to monitor and safeguard vehicles like company cars, trucks, or business containers. Functions include locating, managing drivers, issuing speeding alerts, creating road maps, tracking vehicle mileage, recording parking durations, and documenting any transportation-related incidents. These features are accessible through remote online monitoring on the Jablotron platform.

It aids businesses in operating smoothly across departments, deciding when to rotate inventory, and addressing delays or internal theft.

Oversee factory security within the same system.

In addition to local security solutions, these systems will be stored and managed on a single server, aiding in ensuring intelligent security and optimizing operations.

Management on the same computer will oversee entrances, automatic gates/barriers, surveillance cameras, and operations of the entire factory.

  • Manage the system's overall status.

  • Real-time monitoring, remote management

  • User-friendly built-in map interface.

  • Receive and expedite processing.

  • Secure local storage of data

jablotron arc

Organizing production for a factory is a complex task that requires tailored solutions based on factors such as scale, area, requirements, and workforce. We are pleased to engage in detailed discussions and consultations with you to deliver the most efficient solution for your factory.


Becoming an Authorized Partner in Vietnam and Southeast Asia entails becoming a European Technology Ambassador. You will collaborate directly with 15 brands from EU/G7 countries, benefit from favorable discount policies, and operate a contemporary business model with enduring growth opportunities and profits. Additionally, you will undergo comprehensive product training to enhance sales, service, and business management competencies.

Collaboration Policy

Confidentiality of pricing: Please refrain from sharing pricing information on media platforms without the agreement of all relevant parties.

Discount policy and authorized partners: Eurostellar will offer suitable discounts and business objectives to partners based on potential, business outcomes, and mutual commitment.

We assist partners in developing proposals, quotes, presentations, price incentives, and project protection for project-specific products to ensure partners' confidence when collaborating with investors. Additionally, we offer technical support, construction supervision, and guidance on critical projects.

Benefits of collaborating with Eurostellar include complimentary assistance for marketing materials such as brochures and leaflets.

  • Technical support, construction supervision, and collaboration with partners on essential projects.

  • Our products have been localized with comprehensive documentation, leaflets, catalogs, presentations, and appealing, luxurious display items. We currently operate three warehouses in HCM, ensuring a continuous flow of imported goods for your peace of mind.

  • Offer genuine, high-quality technology products and solutions that are proven.

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