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Specialized for police force, law enforcement, emergency, military.


Zepcam (Made in Netherlands)  is used by NATO, Dutch police and professional forces in over 40 countries.
The device is a mobile camera capable of recording extremely well, optical stabilization, recording clearly even at night, traveling at high speed, or in vigorous motion, integrated with the latest GPS global positioning, internal memory helps to store all-day work schedules of employees.

The device includes body-worn accessories as well as integration with radios and other communication devices.


In addition, the new version uses 3G / 4G / WIFI / Bluetooth connectivity technology for data transmission to live stream images, sound, and secure location.


Modern, complete surveillance software platform, optional data monitoring via website, software or integrated into modern data centers, video management systems.


Researched by leading EU Video technology experts, one of the leading precision manufacturing and industry countries in Europe and the World.

Zepcam - Dedicated body camera solution for police and law enforcement. Officially imported and distributed by Eurostellar.

Hotline: +84 902 401 488

Email: info@eurostellar.com