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Why you need professional Secutech

Security and safety solutions are essential measures used to protect people, property, and other valuable resources. These solutions can be implemented through the use of security technology, rigorous regulations and process management, professional security services, and advanced monitoring and detection systems.

In today's increasingly complex and hazardous environment, implementing reliable security solutions is critical in safeguarding organizations, businesses, communities, and governments. By utilizing these solutions, the risk of loss and damage can be minimized, trust and respect within the community can be increased, and a secure environment can be ensured for everyone.

All you need for Security and beyond


Intrusion Alarm

European intrusion alarm system is renowned for its reliability, backed by a solid 30-year track record and an impressive 5-year warranty. What sets this system apart is its inclusive feature of Vietnamese language support, catering to a diverse range of users. With a focus on both security and accessibility, Eurostellar's alarm system is a trusted option for safeguarding homes and businesses effectively.



Israel's premier CCTV camera solution provides a comprehensive product range compliant with the NDAA Standard in the USA. These cameras benefit from protection by CheckPoint Cyber Security, guaranteeing top-notch quality through superior materials and components. Our cameras include IP/HD Camera, Wireless/Wifi Camera, PTZ, Full color, Thermal camera and much more.


Access Control

The access control system and management for diverse settings such as residences, commercial structures, industrial facilities, educational institutions, and workplaces originate from Europe. Boasting a track record of 10 million recorded events, it guarantees reliability, robustness, and resilience against duress. The package included: Door lock, Reader, Barrier, modules and much more.



Our security system is also suitable for an apartment. The most common option is wireless.


Protect yourself and your family as well as premises with reliable EU-made Security Solution


No unauthorized person will get into your company as every employee has his own code or chip.


In any emmergency situation our Security Solution will guide you to safe place and auto trigger alarm.


Protect your large area with sophisticated security solution is easier than ever


Even school, hospital, building or any premises need the security solution.


Whether you need to turn off the alarm, turn off the lights in the garden or open the garage door, there are many ways to do it.

Keyboard and magnetic card
Web browser


Easy to control 

Thanks to the revolutionary control system the JABLOTRON 100 is the first alarm which you will immediately understand and never fear. Choose an alarm developed to serve people.

Timeless design

The design of the individual alarm devices of the JABLOTRON 100 has been developed in cooperation with firstclass designers. So, discover beauty that harmonizes with your home.

Made in EU

Most of the Jablotron devices are made in Czech Republic, EU with up to 5 years warranty and 100% of them was test before send out.​

Multifunctional use

The JABLOTRON 100 will protect you not only against robbers, but also against fire, floods or gas leaks. The system is able to control your heating or open your garage door for you. So, make full use of the state-of-the-art technology.

Tidy Installation

By its combination of wireless and wired devices JABLOTRON 100 installation spares both your house and your purse. Benefit from the unique wireless technology of Jablotron.

Accessible anywhere

You can remotely access your JABLOTRON 100 alarm thanks to free-of-charge internet control from your computer or smart phone from anywhere. Control your alarm and view events without limits.​

Freedom of selection

The JABLOTRON 100 alarm offers absolute freedom of selection adapted to your needs. The system offers a solution for residential apartments, summer cottages, family houses, offices as well as manufacturing halls. Plan its size as you wish.

Alway working

The JABLOTRON 100 alarm offers absolute freedom of selection adapted to your needs. The system offers a solution for residential apartments, summer cottages, family houses, offices as well as manufacturing halls. Plan its size as you wish.

Real security

A quality alarm also requires professional installation and an assurance of real security cannot do without continuous monitoring and a response to alarm triggering.


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