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The real Smart Home, Smart Building from Europe

The real smart home and smart building system is here. Our cutting-edge technology allows you to control every aspect of your home or building with ease. From lighting to temperature, security to entertainment, our system is designed to make your life simpler and more efficient. Experience the future of living today with our smart home and smart building system.

Smart Home

No grimmicks, Real Smart Home

When it comes to smart homes in Vietnam, we know that most brands only offer basic automation. That's why we're proud to introduce our European Smart Home solution - the real deal. Our platform includes all the features and functions you need for a truly intelligent home, and our easy-to-use control system makes managing everything a breeze. We're confident that our high-end clients will love the future of home automation that we're bringing to Vietnam.

For all premises

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Weather service




Hybrid charging point




Touch Switch

Fire Alarm



All you need for Smart Home is here

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One stop shop for all Smart Home features

Touch & Switch


Introducing Smart Touch - the ultimate solution for controlling your home's lighting, music, shading, and much more. With its advanced multi-touch functions, you can easily customize your home environment to suit your needs. Experience the convenience and comfort of Smart Touch today.

Smart Blinds


Get your blinds to do more
than just protect you from the sun.
Our intelligently-automated smart blind system saves you from constantly having to adjust your blinds. However, that’s not all it does. It uses solar energy to heat your rooms cost-effectively, protects you and your privacy, automatically ensures comfortable temperatures and much more. 

Access Control


Smart access control to simplify your life whether at home or away. you can operate the video intercom, door lock from your smartphone, use the NFC key fob as a safer replacement key, and switch to a silent doorbell when the kids are in bed. Eurostellar as an access control system offers unprecedented flexibility.

Smart Energy


A true building energy management system (BeMS) should holistically incorporate all elements of a smart home or building to maximise energy efficiency of both individual and collective parts.
Loxone as a solution for intelligent energy management not only integrates hardware – it also has a software layer designed to optimise every smart function and device in the building.

Smart lighting


Upgrade your lighting with smart technology that offers 24 million colors, dimmable, turnable white, and human-centric lighting. Create the perfect ambiance for any occasion, from cozy nights in to lively parties with friends.



Music has been proven to make
us happy and reduce stress.
Our multiroom audio system helps you create the perfect atmosphere – whatever the occasion. Set individual room playlists so that the right music is always playing, be woken up by your favourite song, set a personalised doorbell sound and much more…

Video Intercoms


Welcome your visitors in the most modern way, with beautifully designed, ultra-thin video intercoms that integrate many technologies and features such as door waiting, delivery support, temporary locking, child protection, data transmission. Remote data even when you are not home via smartphone or smart watch is easy.



Looking for a smart pool that can take care of itself? Our auto control and filter system comes with 6 features to soften the water, maintain the correct pH level, and keep your kids safe. Plus, with the added combination of lighting and music, your pool will become a magical oasis in your backyard.

Heating & Cooling


Eurostellar Smart Home offers you the ultimate control over your home's temperature, humidity, and air conditioning. With our multi-zone system, you can easily manage and customize the climate in every room of your house. Experience the comfort and convenience of a fully automated home with Eurostellar 



Eurostellar offers a multifaceted smart security system which is always looking out for you. It is constantly monitoring for water leaks, fires, burglars and much more. And the real beauty of it – a lot of the components needed for this are already being used for other features throughout your property so there isn’t much more you need.

Smart Sauna


Through the sauna's smart control, you can relax and enjoy your wellness benefits to the fullest. Temperature, light and music blend together perfectly with Eurostellar

Garden & Weather


Our European-made smart irrigation system comes with automation and weather measurement features, making it easier for you to care of your garden or farm. With this smart system, you can ensure that your plants receive the right amount of water at the right time without any hassle. Enjoy the convenience of our advanced technology and take the first step towards a healthier garden or farm

The Smart Switch Standard

Adding more technology shouldn’t mean adding more switches. Maximise the functionality of your space, in a seemless manner. Loxone keeps it simple and user-friendly for everyone.

Fewer buttons, more clarity – this is the motto that inspired the Loxone Switch Standard. By designing switches with fewer buttons, operation becomes clearer for everyone.


All in one Loxone Application with local language

The Smart Home App puts control of the entire smart building’s functionality directly in your hand. No matter if you’re in the building or on the go. The most powerful visualisation and simplest control – completely free.


On any iPhone or Android, tablet or wearable, you can control it all instantly. In any home, restaurant, office building…

Eco-Friendly Design

24/7 Support


Advanced Tech


Your Security

Our Goals

Your European Security & Safety Solution!



Eurostellar Security solution is MADE IN EU, ensuring high quality and safety standards. Its elegant design and long-lasting durability make it a popular and reliable choice for customers.



Looking for reliable devices that always work and have no false alarms? Our devices are made with high-quality materials and have top-of-the-line systems. Plus, they come with a minimum 5-year warranty and can work for up to 20-30 years. Trust us to provide you with the best security solutions from long term experience manufacturer. 



Our product is designed to be user-friendly and timeless, making it suitable for both personal and business use. It's easy to integrate with other systems and can be expanded our modular structure system. We strive to provide a seamless experience for all our users.



We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our technological capabilities. Our expert team of professionals is passionate about developing the most advanced tech on the market. Ready to experience the future? Get in touch.


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