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New: Wallbox Tree & Air – dynamic surplus charging via Plug & Play

Sit back and save more than 1,000 € per year*: The Loxone Wallbox Tree & Air allows for fully automated control of charging power, with a range between 1.38 and 11 kW – so that you really do charge your car up for free! Further to this, due to its modularity, the system has great expandability – making it flexible and easily extendable with numerous functions.


Keba KeContact P30

  • Suitable for every EV and PHEV, charging quickly and conveniently

  • Manufactured in carbon-neutral processes in Austria

  • Quickly configured and ready to use straight away

  • Future-proof thanks to regular updates

  • Weatherproof and temperature-resistant

  • Innumerable features and communication standards

  • Can be integrated into smart home and backend systems


Keba KeContact P20

Loxone and KEBA have joined forces to offer an intelligent e-car charging solution.

The KEBA KeContact P20 Wall Box can be integrated seamlessly into your Loxone Smart Home via your home network.

The KEBA KeContact P20 wall box boasts a number of safety features and is simple and intuitive to use.

Following the release of Loxone Config 6.5 in early August 2015, integrating your KEBA Wall box into your Loxone Smart Home will be quick and easy to do.


BMW Wallbox Pro

BMW i Wallbox Pro can be easily and quickly integrated with a Loxone system via a home network. With the free software, integration is performed in just a few steps and the BMW i Wallbox Pro is ready to go.

The highlights of the Loxone Wallbox:

  • Fully automated adjustment between 1.38 and 11 kW for efficient PV surplus charging

  • Integrated extension module for NFC Code Touch, Touch Pure Flex or Touch Pure allowing for the addition of numerous more functions, such as activation, billing, selection of different charging modes, etc

  • Reliable and simple integration thanks to Loxone Tree & Air technology

  • Integrated Modbus interface, for connecting an energy meter for example

Dynamic surplus charging – via Plug & Play

  • The new Loxone Wallbox can be seamlessly integrated into your Loxone energy management system, via Plug & Play and with just a few clicks.

  • Thanks to the recently released updates for the Loxone Config & App and especially the Energy Manager. The charging power of the Wallbox can be automatically regulated between 1.38 and 11 kW depending on the PV surplus. This means that even with only a low solar yield, you can fill up your car for free with 100% solar power.


Maximum flexibility

5 freely definable charging modes for maximum flexibility

As we all know people from the UK are known for and love talking about the weather but you won’t have to in relation to charging your car, as it is all fully automated by the mode you choose. If you need to charge your car in a short time period then the full charging power can be used, including mains power. Or you can go the other way if you have a lot of time then you can charge your car exclusively on solar yield. This is all thanks to the five freely definable charging modes, that you can easily configure for your own usage and application.

Integrated expansion module

Due to this integrated expansion module, you can expand the functionality of your Loxone Wallbox with the implementation of an item from our Touch family**.


An example of the use of an NFC Code Touch, integrated into the Wallbox, is that you can quickly and easily implement user or PIN based access.


The Touch Pure can be implemented to for example, control the lighting of your garage or open the garage door.

The Touch Pure Flex can be used for the easy selection of different charging profiles, for example.

Intelligent Energy Management



1.) Fuss-free data recording. The Miniserver Go can communicate with the KEBA wall box to keep track of all of your charging activity – when you’re charging the car and how much energy you’re using to do so. Then, every quarter, the hard working Miniserver will send off all the data automatically to OLEV for you.

loxone app.jpg

3.) Specify when you want your car charged. With the integration of a KEBA KeContact P20 wall box into your Loxone  Smart Home, you can specify when your vehicle should be charged.

If you live in an area where electricity prices are cheaper during ‘off-peak’ times, you can set your wall box to begin charging only when the off-peak tariff is available.


2.) If you’re curious to see how much energy you’re using to charge your shiny new car, just open up the free Loxone Smart Home app. There you’ll see all of your usage statistics displayed in a simple format that you can view at a glance.


4.) If you’ve got a photovoltaic system, you’ll love this one. If you’ve been doing your reading on Loxone, you’ll know that our Miniserver can be integrated with a variety of solar inverters in order to balance and optimise how the energy you generate via your PV panels is used throughout your home.

The same thing goes for charging your car. The Miniserver can balance the total load of the house depending on how much ‘free’ electricity is available to ensure you’re not buying energy from the grid when you don’t need to.

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