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The powerhouse
to home & building automation

The Loxone

Similar to the human nervous system, Loxone connects all components to work together in a smart building. All devices run to the central controller, the Miniserver, so they can communicate and become automated together. Systems for lighting, HVAC, audio, shading and more are intelligently controlled to improve comfort, security and energy efficiency in any smart home, building or special application.


Introducing all 3 Minisevers

Minisever, Minisever Compact, Minisever Go

Always the center of any building automation project, the Miniserver remains freely scalable and flexible. Paired with powerful software tools, the Miniserver accomplishes the unthinkable in record time. Available in three varieties – the Miniserver, Miniserver Compact, Miniserver Go – you will always meet the exact needs for your project, plus more.


Including numerous interfaces onboard – LAN, powerful relays, analog and digital inputs, Loxone Tree or Link – the Miniserver is capable of integrating with other devices.


Minisever Compact

The high-performance Miniserver Compact is packed with important technologies – combining Air Base Extension, Tree Extension, Audioserver and more.


Minisever Go

The top performer in wireless projects, the Miniserver Go can connect up to 128 Air devices via its integrated Air interface. It extends flexibly up to 30 Extensions via the Loxone Link.



Minisever Compact

Minisever Go


Space required

Loxone Air

Loxone Tree

Loxone Link


LAN interface

Digital inputs

Analog inputs

Digital outputs

Expandable by Extentions

DIN rail

DIN rail


9 Division units

6 Division units

90 x 90 x 20 mm

✔️ expandable



✔️ expandable

✔️ expandable

✔️ expandable

✔️ expandable

✔️ expandable

✔️ expandable

✔️ expandable













4 onboard


8 onboard


4 onboard


8 onboard


2 onboard


Next-level automation.
One solution for it all.

The Miniserver provides extensive functionality in buildings of any type and size.







Multiroom audio


Access control

Energy management


Presence simulation

Ambient Assisted Living

Pool­ control


Remote access




Caller Service

Auto Config


Weather forecast

Constant Brightness






Plant control

Fill level

Sauna­ control

Operating Modes


Push Notifications


Presence detection


RGBW Light



and many more…


12 years and counting

Designed to the highest standards, the Miniserver will perform a an all-around solution for years to come. No moving parts, such as fans, for maximum energy savings and efficiency.

All over the world, 200,000+ Miniservers are revolutionising true automation in homes and buildings. Each is 100% compatible with all Extensions ever developed as well as our latest software by Loxone.

For pros, from pros


The beauty of the Miniserver is that the system can be scaled as desired. We can create individual solutions for everything from single-family homes and luxury villas to commercial properties. Whether light, audio, access… – the entire automation can be customised to the maximum.

Matthias Pfalzgraf
Loxone Gold Partner


Smart Products
from Loxone

Power Supply & Backup

The new Power Supply & Backup comes in the form of a DIN rail power supply that works in combination with an external battery. This new addition to the Loxone product line up protects against power cuts by taking over from mains power, when needed, to provide power supply to all of your Loxone products. The seven 24V outputs provide a total of up to 40A, are able to measue power and are equipped with replaceable fuses.



The Loxone Wallbox Tree & Air allows for fully automated control of charging power, with a range between 1.38 and 7.4 kW (single phase) or 1.38 to 11kW (3-phase) – so that you really do charge your car up for free! Further to this, due to its modularity, the system has great expandability – making it flexible and easily extendable with numerous functions.


Miniserver & Extensions

The Loxone Miniserver is the heart of our system, it knows to do something before you’ve even thought about doing it – it’s always one step ahead. Extensions can be coupled with the Miniserver to add a multitude of extra functionality; this makes a Loxone system infinitely flexible.

12 (1).jpg
14-1 (1)_edited.jpg
14-1 (1)_edited.jpg

Loxone Config 13.1

The free software update of Loxone Config 13.1 is now available. Introducing an array of new features and improvements – taking the complete Energy Management solution from Loxone to an unprecedented level!


The right technology for any automation project

Loxone Technology

Among our complete product range, you can find our specially developed technologies, Tree and Air. Backed up by our powerful software, you can expect reliability no matter if your project is wired or wireless.


Loxone Tree

Save time in new buildings.

Achieve maximum flexibility with minimal cabling efforts.

Loxone Air

Easier renovation and retrofit.

Wireless communication is reliable and easy – no need to pull cables.

Loxone Link

Expandable with Extensions

The interface for DALI, 1-Wire, RS485, Modbus and more.


Loxone offers a 360° solution and supports numerous technologies to give you a unique and unrivalled living experience. Thanks to our powerful software and the intelligent Miniserver architecture, other technologies can be easily and quickly integrated into your Loxone system.

loxone a.png


Peripherals in record time

The award-winning Loxone Tree Technology is a free-form wiring topology; reducing the cable required to create automation – whether in a smart home, commercial building or custom application. If the installation presents the opportunity to pull cables, then the Tree variant is the way to go. An ideal option for new builds.


Up to 80% less cable

An installation with Loxone Tree uses less wiring to connect all peripheral devices together and cable back to the cabinet. Overall, you save on time, terminations, cable and space in the distribution board.

Installed in record time

Coupled with the know-how of a Loxone Partner, Loxone Tree devices can be commissioned in no time at all. A Motion Sensor Tree, for example, can be learnt-in in 20 seconds.

100% designed specifically for use in Loxone projects

Loxone Tree technology and all Tree devices have been designed to seamlessly work together and deliver exceptional functionality compared to stand alone solutions.



Wireless solution perfect for retrofitting

Loxone Air is a purpose-developed wireless technology that allows for the creation of automation in installations that may not present the chance to pull cables. Our wireless range of products offer intuitive automation and control without compromising on functionality, making Air the perfect solution for retrofitting and renovation projects.



All Loxone Air devices can receive free software updates. This ensures that they are future-ready with the latest features and functionality. Plus, Loxone Air devices can be added to an installation at a later date to add even more functionality.


Fully-encrypted communication

All communication between Loxone Air devices is fully-encrypted using IPSec, the current industry standard for secure network communications. The encryption used offers reliable protection from replay attacks.


Minimal consumption

All Loxone Air devices are designed with energy conservation in mind. The device chip set and the pertaining software ensure low energy consumption in the interest of offering better battery life and low running costs.


Mesh Technology

Loxone Air is based on mesh technology. Any Loxone Air peripheral device that is permanently connected to mains power can increase the range and reliability of the Loxone Air signal; improving the stability of the entire installation.

Core Technologies

Controlling the projector, TV set, heating source, or photovoltaic system. Sending IR commands or reading energy consumption. There is so much more that is possible with Loxone outside of our native technology. We allow the integration of a variety of common, established technologies and protocols. This is thanks to our range of Extensions to incorporate different devices and controls into a single system.


Our Miniserver has been designed for network communication via LAN and thus has a LAN interface. Through the network, you can integrate all your IP-enabled devices – from your Loxone Music Server to the Intercom, and even your photovoltaic system.

Take advantage of our “virtual inputs and outputs” for sending and receiving any HTTP commands. e.g. to the PC to automatically wake from standby when you enter your home office.

Control a music system or amplifier.

Whether it’s volume, on/off commands or selecting the right source. If the network interface of the amplifier is sufficiently documented, it can be controlled with the Miniserver.

Retrieve data from a Photovoltaic system.

Many current inverter models have a LAN interface. For Fronius inverters, the process is even simpler.

Control a TV setup via the network.

We have integrated ready-made templates in our Config software for many current entertainment and music systems to make integration stress free.

Send and receive virtual commands.

Take advantage of our “virtual inputs and outputs” for sending and receiving any HTTP commands. e.g. to the PC to automatically wake from standby when you enter your home office

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Loxone Config
Configure an entire system with extensive features, complete to your client’s wants and needs, in just a few hours. No more days wasted programming.
Loxone Config
Loxone Apps
One app for everything. under control. Make adjustments to your lights, temperature, shading and more from anywhere on any smart device.
Loxone Apps

Works cloud-free,
keeping your data secure

All data remains within the Miniserver
At Loxone, security also means privacy with our customers’ data in mind. All data remains exactly where it belongs – within the Miniserver! Data is processed within the Miniserver and not shared externally. We protect this right of privacy 100%.

Remote Connect from anywhere

With our specially developed Remote Connect service, you can connect to your building control system securely from any location. Cloud-free, no third-party tools. Using true end-to-end encryption, your data will not be visible on the internet.

Smart Security

The smart security system you can rely on 
Loxone offers a multifaceted smart security system which is always looking out for you. It is constantly monitoring for water leaks, fires, burglars and much more. And the real beauty of it – a lot of the components needed for this are already being used for other features throughout your property so there isn’t much more you need.
Protection from break-ins

Like an invisible shield, Loxone protects you from unwanted guests. It reliably detects intruders and reacts with highly conspicuous flashing lights and a loud siren sound to deter even the most determined of intruders.
Protecting the occupants

In addition to protection from break-ins, our security system will protect you from other potential dangers, such as fires or water leaks. Should one occur, you’ll be immediately informed in mutiple ways – a notification will instantly be sent to your phone however, you’ll also be made aware by your lights beginning to flash. Also any blinds will be automatically opened to clear any escape routes.
Privacy protection

All personal usage data is protected by various firewalls and security mechanisms on the Loxone Miniserver. In addition, a Loxone system will even work without an internet connection. We take data privacy very seriously and protect our customers’ right to data privacy to the very best of our ability.
Protecting the building

Life is full of surprises, which by their very nature, occur when you least expect them. A Loxone system works to help alleviate the effects of those surprises. Burst water pipe? Just left and realised you left the door unlocked? Not to worry, you’ll be immediately notified so that you can take steps to quickly rectify the problem.

Instantly informed

Caller Service

In the event of an alarm, you can receive a call to immediately to inform you of the issue. Giving you the most amount of time possible to react.

Loxone App

Within the Loxone App you can view the status of your alarm at any time. If an alarm is triggered you’ll be immediately informed, regardless of where you are in the world.

Alarm notifications

Should someone gain unauthorised access an alarm chain (which has multiple stages) will be triggered. You’ll be able to see all of this within the Loxone App.

Alarm activated

Step 1
Silent Alarm

Step 2
Audible Alarm

Step 3
Visual Alarm

Alarm off

This is done automatically, based on time of day, via a switch or using the app. Devices such as Presence Sensors serve as alarm components.
Be notified by email, call, or push notification. If it is a false alarm, you can simply acknowledge the notification without the need for further action.
The Loxone Audioserver will start playing the pre-defined alarm sound at full volume.
All the blinds will open and the lights will start flashing – drawing the attention of the neighbours/
passersby to the presence of anyone that shouldn’t be there.

A range of functionality

A smart security system should offer more than just protection from break-ins. It should give you wholesale protection and safety round-the-clock.

Panic Button

Child Lock

Away Mode

A button can be configured to trigger an alarm with just one touch; bringing on bright flashing lights, raising the blinds and turning on the music full-volume.
When you leave, a triple-tap on a switch by an exit will put activate Away Mode. This will automatically arm the burglar alarm.
If the children are at home alone, you can deactivate potentially dangerous devices such as the stove. You can also disable switches so that they cannot mess with the lighting moods.

Fire & Water

Always in view

Presence Simulation

A fast reaction in the event of a water leak or fire can not only save your belongings but your life! If one occurs, you’ll be immediately informed to give you the best chance of avoiding any significant danger.
Whilst you’re away (on holiday perhaps), your home, office, restaurant etc will not look empty to onlookers. That’s because it will mimic natural behaviour – turning lights on and off and adjusting the blinds as if someone was in; deterring opportunistic burglars.
With the Loxone app you’ll always be able to see live footage from your surveillance cameras or the intercom, regardless of where you are – giving you peace of mind whilst you’re away.

Intuitive Control

Reduce False Alarms

Alarm Zones

You can easily activate your alarm via the app or with a simple triple-tap on a switch by an exit. You can also tie the alarm into part of ‘Night Mode’ and activate it with a triple-tap on your bedside switch.
You can set as many alarm zones as you wish – they can then all act independently. For example, in a smart home when you go to bed only the downstairs alarm can be set, so you can move freely upstairs.
To avoid false alarms, more than one Presence Sensor must be triggered (within a pre-defined period) for the alarm to progress to the next level. As a potential burglar is extremely unlikely to just set off one sensor.

Logging Function

Delayed Alarms

Open Status

From directly within the Loxone App you’ll be able to see when windows were last opened or who has recently entered the property – which is great for parents wanting to know that their kids are home from school safely.
By informed via the text-to-speech function and/or a notification on your phone if a garage door is left open at night or a window is left open at the end of the workday.
Your alarm will not instantly activate when you set it (unless you want it to); instead, there will be a short delay to prevent you from accidentally triggering it on your way out.

High functionality, low cost

With Loxone you don’t need loads of expensive hardware to achieve great smart security. That’s because it works using existing components, such as Presence Sensors, Door and Window Contacts, lighting and even your blinds. Your security system will seamlessly work with these elements to give you great functionality.

Loxone Products for your safety

From the alarm siren to our water sensors – here’s everything you’ll need for a complete smart security system.
Presence Sensors along with Door and Window Contacts mean that anyone trying to gain unauthorised access will be detected. From there the alarm chain is triggered with the crescendo coming through our Alarm Siren.
From water sensors to smoke detectors, we offer a wide range of products to ensure you’re always protected.
Extensions such as the DI Extension and the Nano DI Tree allow you to seamlessly integrate digital inputs (like the door and window contacts) into your Loxone system.
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