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Security of all forms is relevant to and imperative for any business. Data security, both in terms of accessibility and individual protection, is increasingly important. One way that data security can be compromised is due to the accidental access into a company. Physical security is an optimal way to keep companies of all sizes secure and protected.

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Counting, analyzing customer's consumption behavior to calculate the flow in and out to help arrange stalls easily.

Man Shopping for Groceries


Arrange sensor devices from doors, infrared sensors at booths, main entrances, stairs, and common aisles. Emergency warning devices with hidden alarms are equipped at cashier counters.


Luxury goods showroom

Comprehensively protect your store and employees with anti-theft alarm systems, emergency alarms, fire alarms as well as automating store equipment such as smart lighting, multi-zone air conditioning.


Chain stores

Managing hundreds of stores is never easy, but with Eurostellar you can control all your stores anytime, anywhere. You will receive notifications and video recording immediately when there is a problem so that you can handle it promptly.



Security and safety

Jablotron security system will operate automatically according to schedule. The device will recognize employees who are still working, overtime or warn about closing time. In the event of an incident occurring outside of working hours, the system will call, text and push notifications via phone to  Security Manager for timely handling.​

Access control

Applying counting recognition technology to analyze consumer behavior and store traffic to identify potential customers and loyal customers, thereby arranging booths, adjusting services accordingly, and boosting sales. sales and improve customer experience.


CCTV Camera

Cameras will be located both outside and inside the store. Manager can observe the store remotely at any time and can retrieve data when needed. When there is an incident, the system will send a video clip to the manager and security team immediately, helping them to know the exact problem and offer the appropriate handling plan to ensure the safety of the employees and the store. with equipment and property.

Smart eletricity

Jablotron provides state-of-the-art automation features that reduce operating costs and improve customer experience. Automatically turn on showroom lights when opening the door, turn off automatically when employees leave, change according to weekdays and holidays. The system will automatically turn on and off the store sign according to the pre-set time frame, lock the door according to the schedule.

Warehouse Shelves

Warehouse protection 

Door locks and access identification devices such as codes, magnetic cards, fingerprints, etc. will be located at the entrance to the warehouse. Only the warehouse manager and staff can enter and exit, minimizing the loss of goods during operation. The camera at the warehouse will have the function of recording and saving video every time someone comes in and out, and the data will be sent to the manager.

Manage multiple stores

Jablotron's system supports store owners in decentralizing access rights by hour, by area, by object, attendance and attendance and supporting the optimal operation of the store chain. Managers can observe the store anytime, anywhere and can retrieve data when needed.




Anti-theft alarm

Check attendance

Smart lighting

CCTV camera

Emergency button

Counting people and analyzing


Parking management


  • Security solutions originating from the EU and meeting EU standards. Warranty up to 5 years

  • 24/7 security during and outside operating hours

  • Counting, analyzing behavior from there to calculate the flow in and out to help arrange stalls easily.

  • Ensure security, control access counting with up to 95% accuracy

  • Minimizing theft, fire, explosion, flooding, saving cost of hiring security up to 60%

  • CCTV cameras, alarms and warnings to stay away when someone enters an unauthorized area

  • Manage multiple supermarkets, stores on the same system, store data security

  • Easily decentralize access, alert via phone, application

  • EU Standard EN50131, ISO, ENEC, Security Grade II Class II

  • Managemer/user software with Vietnamese language, phone/sms/email alerts and voice control


The product is made in Europe, the service life is over 10 years and the warranty is up to 5 years. Accompanied by a professional installation service trained by European experts. Raise the level of your project.

Reliable product, 100% tested before shipment, application from 2 technologies on 1 device to minimize false alarms

Easy to use, intuitive control, suitable for all customers. Manage multiple systems on the same app

Works in any case: power failure, cord cut, internet outage. Store in the Cloud, no hard drive needed, warn when a thief breaks the device

Integrating wired and wireless connection principle, using TCP/IP technology. Easy to connect and expand, suitable for both construction or renovation projects.

Remote technical troubleshooting, save time, effort and ensure privacy. Data security according to EU-GDPR standards, Reach Security Grade II Class II.​

Cafe Interior



Jablotron System

Scale: 30.000 m2


Jablotron System

Scale: 23.500 m2


Jablotron System

Scale: 110.000 m2


Jablotron System

Scale: 4000 m2

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