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  • Jablotron Security | Eurostellar - European Technology | Thành Phố Hồ Chí MinhJablotron

    Creating smart things easy to use We are an international technology company. We’ve been developing innovative products since 1990. We quickly transform new ideas into functional products. That is one of the reasons our alarm systems and devices for smart homes help millions of people around the world. I want to know more 30 years 600 employees 83 countries We have years of experience with the development and production of alarm systems We started as a group of four, now there are 592 of us in the JABLOTRON group We distribute our own products across the world Company history We began as a group of four enthusiasts, developing electronics in the attic of an ordinary house in Jablonec nad Nisou. We grew into a company producing alarm systems with a turnover of billions and a world-wide influence. Have a look at our journey. Describe your image 1/2 We are a part of the JABLOTRON group Together with twenty other companies, we form the JABLOTRON Group. We are independent, yet we closely cooperate with each other. We are connected by the desire to be the leaders in our respective fields, together with creating simple and understandable products using top technology. JABLOTRON in Southeast Asia Proudly represent and a part of JABLOTRON GLOBAL FAMILY, Eurostellar is the Exclusive Representative of JABLOTRON in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia and Taiwan. ​ With more than 300 resellers/installers, we bring Jablotron to more than 1800 projects. Our roles: Import and distribute Service Center Regional Warehouse Localization Marketing Management system and quality policy We have received a Quality Management System Certificate according to ISO 9001:2015 for the development, production and sale of electronic alarm systems and a Quality Management System Certificate according to ISO 13485:2016 for the development, production and sales of active non-implantable medical devices. We have made a commitment to our clients and apply strict rules and proven best practices to ensure the maximum security of data and information. The principles of our quality policy fit on a single page. The clearer they are, the easier it is to keep to them. The policy covers the permanent innovation of our products and services, the systematic collection of our customers’ wishes and requests and ways to take care of our network of business partners. TOTAL SECURITY SOLUTION INTRUSION True security solutions include central sets, sensors, bells and control devices installed in homes, offices, shops, companies, factories. This device helps to prevent, detect, warn and handle incidents such as break-in, theft, attack. More CAR ALARM The solution includes a set of positioning devices and sensors for cars, such as sensors for glass smash, collision, fire, door opening, and remote car lock helps prevent theft incidents and vandalism of your vehicle. More ACCESS CONTROL This system includes a control center integrated with computer software managed by building operators or security guards, along with readers to recognize magnetic cards, fingerprints, and faces to help identify and control exits. enter. More FIRE ALARM A sensor identifies smoke or an increased temperature in the room. The alarm immediately activates a siren and informs the Alarm Receiving Centre, which will summon the fire brigade. More SECURITY CENTER 247 When an incident occurs at a location, the center will immediately receive and send a signal to the response force for timely response and handling. In addition, you can also locate and monitor remotely at the ARC center.​ More BABY BREATH MONITOR Nanny breathing monitor detects the baby's breathing movement and alerts immediately when the baby has symptoms of apnea or irregular breathing to help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). More An truly security for your premises House Our security system is also suitable for an apartment. The most common option is wireless. Villa Protect yourself and your family as well as premises with reliable EU-made Security Solution Office No unauthorized person will get into your company as every employee has his own code or chip. Bank In any emmergency situation our Security Solution will guide you to safe place and auto trigger alarm. Factory Protect your large area with sophisticated security solution is easier than ever Customization Even school, hospital, building or any premises need the security solution. 9 reasons to choose JABLOTRON Easy to control Thanks to the revolutionary control system the JABLOTRON 100 is the first alarm which you will immediately understand and never fear. Choose an alarm developed to serve people. Multifunctional use The JABLOTRON 100 will protect you not only against robbers, but also against fire, floods or gas leaks. The system is able to control your heating or open your garage door for you. So, make full use of the state-of-the-art technology. Freedom of selection The JABLOTRON 100 alarm offers absolute freedom of selection adapted to your needs. The system offers a solution for residential apartments, summer cottages, family houses, offices as well as manufacturing halls. Plan its size as you wish. Timeless design The design of the individual alarm devices of the JABLOTRON 100 has been developed in cooperation with firstclass designers. So, discover beauty that harmonizes with your home. Tidy Installation By its combination of wireless and wired devices JABLOTRON 100 installation spares both your house and your purse. Benefit from the unique wireless technology of Jablotron. Alway working The JABLOTRON 100 alarm offers absolute freedom of selection adapted to your needs. The system offers a solution for residential apartments, summer cottages, family houses, offices as well as manufacturing halls. Plan its size as you wish. Made in EU Most of the Jablotron devices are made in Czech Republic, EU with up to 5 years warranty and 100% of them was test before send out.​ Accessible anywhere ​ You can remotely access your JABLOTRON 100 alarm thanks to free-of-charge internet control from your computer or smart phone from anywhere. Control your alarm and view events without limits.​ Real security A quality alarm also requires professional installation and an assurance of real security cannot do without continuous monitoring and a response to alarm triggering. 200k people control Jablotron alarms via the MyJABLOTRON app 230 devices You can control up to 230 IP devices/zones in your house or garden thanks to the JABLOTRON 100+ 5 years For all products, besides the 2-year warranty, you also get up to 3 years of extended servicing support . O NÁS Eurostellar je česko - viet startovací společnost, která přináší evropské prémiové technologie a produkty do Vietnamu a jihovýchodní Asie. Neprodáváme vám krabice, jsme tu, abychom vám pomohli. Váš úspěch je naším cílem. More BECOME OUR PARTNER One step ahead your competitors High quality and reliable product Innovative products - easy to install The MyCOMPANY app and its functions Training and consultancy Up to 40% discount level Non-public price list and secured project* Local Tech support & marketing activities Long-term cooperation More Shop Who can use the app You will gain free access to MyCOMPANY after passing one of the courses held by Jablotron Academy. I want to become a partner Contact us Do you have any additional questions about our products and services? I want to talk

  • O NÁS | EurostellarO NÁS

    More O NÁS Eurostellar je česko - viet startovací společnost, která přináší evropské prémiové technologie a produkty do Vietnamu a jihovýchodní Asie. Neprodáváme vám krabice, jsme tu, abychom vám pomohli. Váš úspěch je naším cílem. More info Security - Safety Facility Management Instrusion alarm Entrance and Autodoor Fire Alarm SOS Alarm CCTV FaceID Parking management Peripheral protection Access Control System Car Alarm & Monitoring Internet of Things Smart Home Smart Lighting Smart Electrics Multi-media & Audio HAVC Energy Saving And much more Special Application Bodycamera Public Security & monitoring Airport Ground Lighting People Counting Crowd control Public Transportation Energy Management Waste Management Smart City Lighting Fittings More Security Safety More Internet of Things More Healthcare & Entertainment More Special Applications More WITH DECADES OF EXPERIENCE & EU STANDARD Made in Europe - 100% Reliable Experienced Producers with proven products for more than 80 countries around the world High-end solution with sophisticate function Reasonable price, installation & maintenance cost efficiency Long-lasting device with global warranty Fully tech & marking support with localization One stop for all technologies PROUDLY REPRESETATIVE OF O NÁS Eurostellar je česko - viet startovací společnost, která přináší evropské prémiové technologie a produkty do Vietnamu a jihovýchodní Asie. Neprodáváme vám krabice, jsme tu, abychom vám pomohli. Váš úspěch je naším cílem. Eurostellar Profile Eurostellar in numbers 1800+ Successful projects 350+ Partners/Resellers 30 Enthusiasts 15+ Technology brands 8 Countries Why us? Eurostellar means the pioneer who bringing latest technologies from European/G7 to Southeast Asia, which can help the producers enter to most dynamic market in the world right now and help the Installers or System Integrators work with European outstanding technologies and products. On top of that, we do real business. Currently, we are cooperating with more than 350+ distributors/system integrators in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar and Laos, continuously approaching more partners in this dynamic region. ​ Your success is our success. About us Work with us Beyond standard cooperation Our unique advantage is we are in both side of the bridge,we are not only reselling the boxes, we go beyond the standard cooperation. We help our Distributors and Resellers in training, marketing, logistic, technology support, design solutions for key projects and installation. We help our EU/G7 Suppliers success at the same time reduce the costs and risks in new territories like Southeast Asia, we are not only promote products or brands, but also our staffs go on the field to find the clients, present on every potential exhibitions or events where we can meet our client. Reference Cooperation What customers say about us Mr. Đỗ Bá Hùng, Việt Phát Group, Bình Dương Việt Phát Group tự hào là Đối tác chiến lược của JABLOTRON tại Bình Dương trong hơn 3 năm vừa qua. Chúng tôi cùng Jablotron đã thành công trong nhiều công trình trọng điểm tại các Cơ quan nhà nước, Nhà máy, nhà xưởng, các khu vực trọng điểm của Tỉnh. Chúng tôi mong rằng JABLOTRON sẽ có nhiều bước tiến hơn nữa trong thời gian sắp tới. Up to date | From our blogs V tomto jazyce nebyly zatím zveřejněny žádné příspěvky Až budou příspěvky zveřejněny, uvidíte je zde. Upcoming Events pá 10. úno 10. pá úno WEBINAR: GIỚI THIỆU GIẢI PHÁP TÒA NHÀ THÔNG MINH ĐẾN TỪ CHÂU ÂU / Webinar Podrobnosti 10. 2. 10:00 GMT+7 Webinar pá 03. bře 03. pá bře WORKSHOP: HƯỚNG DẪN THIẾT KẾ GIẢI PHÁP, LẬP BẢNG KHỐI LƯỢNG JABLOTRON / EUROSTELLAR Podrobnosti 03. 3. 10:00 GMT+7 EUROSTELLAR, Hẻm 449 Trường Chinh, Phường 14, Tân Bình, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam pá 17. bře 17. pá bře WEBINAR: GIẢI PHÁP AN NINH CHO NGÂN HÀNG / ZOOM Podrobnosti 17. 3. 10:00 GMT+7 ZOOM pá 14. dub 14. pá dub WEBINAR: ỨNG DỤNG IOT CHO NÔNG NGHIỆP / ZOOM Podrobnosti 14. 4. 10:00 GMT+7 ZOOM pá 19. kvě 19. pá kvě WEBINAR: GIẢI PHÁP KHÁCH SẠN THÔNG MINH ĐẾN TỪ CHÂU ÂU / ZOOM Podrobnosti 19. 5. 10:00 GMT+7 ZOOM pá 26. kvě 26. pá kvě WORKSHOP: HƯỚNG DẪN KỸ THUẬT CHUYÊN SÂU VÀ LẬP BẢNG DỰ TOÁN LOXONE / EUROSTELLAR Podrobnosti 26. 5. 10:00 GMT+7 EUROSTELLAR, Hẻm 449 Trường Chinh, Phường 14, Tân Bình, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam pá 09. čvn 09. pá čvn WORKSHOP: HƯỚNG DẪN THIẾT KẾ GIẢI PHÁP, LẬP BẢNG KHỐI LƯỢNG JABLOTRON / EUROSTELLAR Podrobnosti 09. 6. 10:00 GMT+7 EUROSTELLAR, Hẻm 449 Trường Chinh, Phường 14, Tân Bình, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam pá 23. čvn 23. pá čvn WEBINAR: GIẢI PHÁP CAMERA BẢO MẬT ĐẾN TỪ ISRAELI / ZOOM Podrobnosti 23. 6. 10:00 GMT+7 ZOOM pá 14. čvc 14. pá čvc WORKSHOP: HƯỚNG DẪN KỸ THUẬT VÀ LẬP BẢNG KHỐI LƯỢNG PROVISION ISR / Eurostellar Podrobnosti 14. 7. 10:00 GMT+7 Eurostellar, Hẻm 449 Trường Chinh, Phường 14, Tân Bình, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam pá 11. srp 11. pá srp WEBINAR: Công nghệ phân tích video AI - Analytics - DDA / ZOOM Podrobnosti 11. 8. 10:00 GMT+7 ZOOM pá 15. zář 15. pá zář WORKSHOP: HƯỚNG DẪN CẤU HÌNH VÀ LÊN BẢNG KHỐI LƯỢNG LOXONE / EUROSTELLAR Podrobnosti 15. 9. 10:00 GMT+7 EUROSTELLAR, Hẻm 449 Trường Chinh, Phường 14, Tân Bình, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam pá 29. zář 29. pá zář WEBINAR: GIẢI PHÁP AN NINH CHO GIA ĐÌNH / ZOOM Podrobnosti 29. 9. 10:00 GMT+7 ZOOM pá 13. říj 13. pá říj WEBINAR: BIỆT THỰ HOÀNG GIA LOXONE / ZOOM Podrobnosti 13. 10. 10:00 GMT+7 ZOOM pá 10. lis 10. pá lis WEBINAR: GIẢI PHÁP AN NINH CHO NHÀ MÁY, KHU CÔNG NGHIỆP / ZOOM Podrobnosti 10. 11. 10:00 GMT+7 ZOOM pá 08. pro 08. pá pro WEBINAR: EUROSTELLAR INNOVATION 2023 / ZOOM Podrobnosti 08. 12. 10:00 GMT+7 ZOOM Eurostellar Asia 449/63 Truong Chinh Street, Tan Binh Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam Phone: +84 902 401 488 Email: ​ Eurostellar Europe Rozdelovska 7, Prague 6, 169 00, Czech Republic Phone: +420 775 75 31 33 Email: Contact: For more information First Name Last Name Email Write a message Submit Thanks for submitting! O NÁS Eurostellar je česko - viet startovací společnost, která přináší evropské prémiové technologie a produkty do Vietnamu a jihovýchodní Asie. Neprodáváme vám krabice, jsme tu, abychom vám pomohli. Váš úspěch je naším cílem. More info O NÁS Eurostellar je česko - viet startovací společnost, která přináší evropské prémiové technologie a produkty do Vietnamu a jihovýchodní Asie. Neprodáváme vám krabice, jsme tu, abychom vám pomohli. Váš úspěch je naším cílem. Let's Chat O NÁS Eurostellar je česko - viet startovací společnost, která přináší evropské prémiové technologie a produkty do Vietnamu a jihovýchodní Asie. Neprodáváme vám krabice, jsme tu, abychom vám pomohli. Váš úspěch je naším cílem. Download O NÁS Eurostellar je česko - viet startovací společnost, která přináší evropské prémiové technologie a produkty do Vietnamu a jihovýchodní Asie. Neprodáváme vám krabice, jsme tu, abychom vám pomohli. Váš úspěch je naším cílem. Contact us

  • Loxone Smart Home | Eurostellar - European Technology | Thành Phố Hồ Chí MinhLoxone

    Create Automation Loxone is a complete automation solution with intuitive control – suitable for smart homes, commercial premises and custom applications. Smart Home Loxone offers a flexible yet comprehensive solution for your home – from lighting & multiroom audio to heating, security, and much more – giving you increased comfort and peace of mind. Learn more Commercial Intelligent building automation for commercial properties. From hotels and offices to restaurants, MDU and much more – Loxone can be used to Create Automation in all manner of projects. Learn more Custom Application Due to the numerous amount of support interfaces plus the inherently flexible nature of our solution, Loxone is perfect for both the control and automation of a range of custom applications. Learn more House Meet all the requirements of a smart home that you need from switch control, automation of various home devices such as lights, cooling systems and home appliances to safety and security. , CCTV, anti-theft alarm, fire alarm. Villa A safe, smart European-class villa will help you avoid the risk of theft, fire and explosion incidents and automatically operate all activities in the house. Show the class of the owner and save time and costs. Building Increase convenience for users through security solutions, smart buildings such as anti-theft alarms, fire alarms, access control, CCTV,... Reduce operating pressure for the Management Board, lift project value to the investor. Urban Area A comprehensive security system with three tight layers helps to minimize and quickly handle incidents. Provide urban-class facilities such as landscape lighting, swimming pool, water music, automatic tree care. centralized management of urban areas. Our vision Every mission starts with a vision. We started in 2008: Thomas Moser and Martin Öller liked the idea of having a home in which the majority of functions like safety, energy efficiency and comfort could all be centrally controlled. After all, this was at a time where cars could already parallel park themselves and robotic lawnmowers could take care of the gardening. So why were homes so far behind? ​ Both Martin and Thomas wanted intelligent and convenient automation in their own homes. They scoured the market for something that would meet their needs but found what was on offer to be impractical, complicated and expensive. “We wanted a solution that was highly intelligent, simple to use and yet affordable! We wanted to have a system where the lights would turn on if you got up in the middle of the night without having to fumble around for a light switch in the dark; a system intelligent enough to close the blinds and curtains automatically based on the position of the sun and a system that maintains the perfect temperature in every room." ​ Martin Öller Founder & CEO of Loxone “Loxone does things for me without me needing to lift a finger. Be it at home, in the office or in the local water plant that I look after. The possibilities are endless. This not only frees up my time, but also gives me peace of mind that everything under control. With Loxone, I want to share this unique comfort with the world. " ​ Thomas Moser Founder & CEO of Loxone And now, an idea that started with smart homes has progressed even further… Create automation with Loxone Loxone is a complete automation system with intuitive control – suitable for smart homes, commercial premises and custom applications. Loxone is a fully-scalable solution allowing for the creation of automation in single-point applications, smart homes, MDUs, hotels, offices, as well as other commercial and industrial applications. Our mission Save 50,000 tasks. Enjoy more time for life. For Loxone to be able to take care of thousands of different tasks and processes through intuitive automation. Whether in your own home, a commercial environment or for a custom application. Creating automation with Loxone saves time and gives peace of mind knowing that everything is under control. Our Stories With humble beginnings in 2008, our founders Thomas Moser and Martin Oller were motivated by the idea of a home that can take care of functions like safety, energy efficiency and comfort on its own with little need for manual control. During a time when cars park themselves and have automatic headlights, why shouldn’t a home take care of tasks similarly? ​ And here we are now, spreading a lifestyle that homeowners and business owners are bringing into their lives and never looking back. Loxone efficiently manages tasks for homes, hotels, offices and commercial buildings of all types. ​ Today, Loxone is Respected International Technology Group with more than 20 branchs all around the world and 10.000 global partners, present more than 100 countries with more than 7 million products. Together with 300 enthusiam employee, Loxone are daily change their users'life by saving 50,000 tasks and more time to live. ​ Loxone headquarters, or “Basecamp”, in Kollerschlag, Austria is where hardware and software is developed. And product is mainly made in Germany and other European countries. Loxone Vietnam After 2 years of researching and discussion, Mid of 2021, Eurostellar and Loxone are agree to cooperation as Exclusive Representative and Distribution Partnership. ​ Eurostellar with variant experience of cooperation and distribution with European producers and more than 300 Partners across Southeast Asia region will definitely bring valued-add and EU standard service to all Loxone Partners in Vietnam and other countries in near future. ​ We are not only selling the boxes. We are here to help our partners. We help you with product know-how, training, certificate, project design and installation. Your success is our goal! --- Eurostellar - European Technology Why Loxone? There’s a reason you go for a custom build. You want a home that fits your unique lifestyle. That’s exactly where Loxone takes your home to the next level; by completely adapting it to your lifestyle with true automation. ​ What does a Loxone Smart Home do? It provides a flexible, reliable ecosystem that takes control of lighting, audio, room climate, security and more to meet unique needs wether you’re home or away. You save on energy and costs without even trying. Learn more about the five main ways Loxone automation simply works for you:​​ Why Loxone? "More than 300 devices are made in Germany, Austria, Czech an other Europe Countries with Highest quality standard and stability. We use most advanced manufacture system included 3D-printing, AI. Robot and more . " Experience the Smart Home We’ll take you on a virtual tour to show you what it’s like to live in a smart home. Check out the lighting, access control, burglar alarm and much more. Flexible & scalable Possibilities are endless for home automation in any size custom build with room for expansion. Start with a smart kitchen solution or bring intelligence into the whole home, or even outdoors – choice is yours. For installers, learn how to start installing Loxone with complete flexibility. Reliable & secure With our powerful software and reliable Miniserver communication, each component of the smart home interacts flawlessly while adjusting to your needs. No Cloud, no Wi-Fi connection needed. Your privacy is 100% protected – your smart home, your data. Simple control, yet rarely needed With our Touch switch, you can minimize switches throughout the home. With just a tap on one of its five Touch points, you can control lighting, blinds, music and more. Plus, a built-in temperature & humidity sensor keeps your room climate in check. Hybrid charging point Alarm HVAC Music Lighting Access Pool Solar Heating Blinds A complete solution for your smart home A smart home with Loxone simply knows what to do. Be that in the morning or in the evening while you’re cooking, entertaining, or just relaxing. It plays the music you each want to hear – even if it is something different in each room. It creates the right atmosphere with lighting moods. It makes sure every room is always at the perfect temperature. All aspects of your home work together in harmony to ensure a level of intelligent-automation that is only possible with Loxone. Home Automation More Smart home is not only turn on, off the devices or control via app or voice. Our Loxone Smart Home is beyond that. Loxone help your house operation by itself and adapt your daily activities. Saving you more than 300 tasks everyday, 50,000 tasks every year. Bring you more time for love one and yourself. The house which made you proud. ​ Control Loxone is easy, you can use Loxone Touch or App. Find out more. Intuitive Control Via App With our app, you can control all of your blinds with one hand. You’ll also be able to see the status of your blinds at any time. Constant updates ensure that the Loxone App is always improving and adding new functionality. Via Switch Control the blinds in any given room via one simple switch standard. Whether it’s our Touch, Touch Pure or our Touch Surface you can adjust the blinds with just two touch points. Simply use the top left of the switch to raise the blinds and the bottom left to lower them, it really is as simple as that. Loxone App The Loxone Switch Standard Fewer buttons, more clarity – this is the motto that inspired the Loxone Switch Standard. By designing switches with fewer buttons, operation becomes clearer for everyone. Single-tap Just a tap on the large central area will switch the lighting mood. A tap on the top or bottom left corner will raise or lower blinds, respectively. The same goes for control of music on the right hand side corners to adjust the volume. Double-tap When you’re leaving a room, a double-tap in the center is all you need to shut off the lights and connected devices in the room. If you double-tap the top right corner for music, it will change the music source. To switch off music again, you can double-tap the bottom right corner. Triple-tap A triple-tap activates ‘All Out’ Mode. This means the entire building will go into a sleep mode by switching all lights off, disconnecting standby devices and arming the burglar alarm. If this is done on a bedside switch, it activates ‘Night’ Mode. Touch Pure Flex A brand new way to provide customised room control. Assign only the functions that are most used or needed – thoughtfully made to meet the needs of spaces with frequent new users, such as hotels. With integrated temperature and humidity sensors, it can also act as a thermostat for temperature control. Learn more Touch Pure The Touch Pure brings an elevated feel to the Touch design. With a high-quality build, the Touch Pure has a frameless real glass surface and ceramic, fingerprint-free finish. Plus, the built-in orientation light will help guide the way at night. Learn more Touch Beautifully designed with a matte plastic surface, the Touch brings a single compact control element to any room. The five touch points let you control the essential functions in your smart building with ease. Learn more NFC Code Touch The NFC Code Touch offers an ideal combined access control solution for your doors, gates, garages and alarms in a single device that boasts a modern and sleek design. Thanks to a wide range of functionality, it can be used for individual and one-time access. Learn more Touch Nightlight Air Versatile functionality and stylish design meet to create a control element right by your bedside. The Touch Nightlight Air can be used as an alarm clock, ambient light, and an easily movable control device for any living space. Learn more Touch & Grill Air Grilling and the outdoors go together with the Touch & Grill Air. This mobile control device has a high-quality housing, a UV-resistant, splash-proof glass surface and a long-lasting battery. With Loxone Air technology you can measure temperatures anywhere! Learn more Touch Surface An almost invisible switch, the Touch Surface hides in plain sight on a variety of surfaces like stone, wood, ceramics and glass. Transform your kitchen countertops, desks or even your shower walls into a smart control device for the whole room. Learn more Remote Air The Remote Air is a unique wireless remote control with the same capabilities as its Touch counterparts. Besides the Touch standards for lighting, music or shading, you can also assign the buttons to control the garage door, alarm system and more. Learn more Loxone App Control your home from your phone. With the Loxone App, you can view and adjust key functions within a smart home and view important info and notifications all from one screen. Thanks to simple user management and assignment of user rights, our app is also ideal for commercial properties. Learn more Smart Lights Lighting – with more than one purpose Lighting can have a significant influence on your well-being. That’s why we’ve developed our own energy-efficient LED smart lights – from spotlights to luxurious pendants; to give you everything you need to create beautiful lighting. More Your Lighting Moods Loxone offers you endless flexibility – combine different light sources to create completely personal lighting moods. Each light source can act independently which lets you get extremely creative with your moods. Amazing contrast can be created by using, for example, spotlights as your primary source of light however then LED tape to add accent lighting to the room. Far more than just ‘lighting’ We believe ‘smart lights’ should be far more than just colour-changing. With Loxone you’ll have a range of functionality that ties into your system as a whole. Dimming Dimmed light is not only easy on the eyes, it can make a room feel completely different – cosier in many cases. Alongside this, it can also save energy – reducing your energy bill at the end of the month. Presence Simulation Whilst you’re away (on holiday perhaps), your home, office, restaurant etc will not look empty to onlookers. That’s because it will mimic natural behaviour – turning lights on and off as if someone was in; deterring opportunistic burglars. Wake-up Alarm Why not be woken up by light instead of sound? With Loxone, light can gradually fade-in just before your chosen wake-up time, gently waking you from your sleep. Gentle Transitions When you scroll through your lighting moods, our lights will gently fade between them to ensure no sharp, unpleasant change is present. This feature is also noticeable when lights are turned on, they will fade in rather than just instantly switching to 100% brightness. Child Lock If you have young children, you can enable our Child Lock feature. This will temporarily disable the switches in order to prevent the little ones changing the lights. Whilst this is enabled you can still change the lighting moods via the app. . Night Mode If you get up during the night needing the toilet (or a snack), you’ll be automatically greeted with gently-dimmed coloured lighting. Just enough to guide your way, not enough to startle you. Used to inform Flashing lights can be used to alert you in the event of a water leak, fire alarm or a suspected break-in attempt. They can also be used to notify you if somebody is at the door rather than using a doorbell. Energy Saving If no one is in a room for a set period of time, the lights will automatically be turned off in order to save energy. Or you can always turn off all the lights in a room with a simple triple tap on one of our switches. Natural light considered Your lights will turn on automatically based on presence however, the amount of natural light in a room will be taken into account meaning lights will only be turned on if necessary. Highly-efficient LED lights We put the highest importance on product quality here at Loxone – that’s why we develop all of our products in-house. We give great care and attention to the design of our lighting range however, we also ensure that all of our lights are extremely energy-efficient. Button Lighting control for all types of light Regardless of your choice of light, Loxone is able to give you intelligent control. From LEDs to halogens, we’ve got you covered. In addition, we also support digital interfaces such as Dali and DMX. Button Smart Heating & Cooling More Perfect room temperatures thanks to our smart heating, cooling & ventilation control ​ Wouldn’t it be nice if your rooms were always at the perfect temperature? Well with our intelligent heating (and cooling) control you can completely automate your heating schedule to ensure each room is always at the desired temperature. Individual Room Control A pleasantly cool 18° in the bedroom, a comfortably w arm 23° in the bathroom and a cosy 21.5° in the living room. We understand that different rooms have different purposes and therefore shouldn’t always be the same temperature. With Loxone you can enjoy perfect temperatures around-the-clock thanks to our individual room control. All of this is done automatically so you can relax. Self-learning to ensure perfection If you want a room to be 21° by 6 pm it will be exactly that. That’s because the smart heating and cooling control available with Loxone intelligently learns so it knows what time to start heating a room to ensure it has reached your desired temperature at your desired time. Far more than just heating & cooling Get the most out of your smart heating and cooling system with our extensive level of functionality. Automated Heating Loxone calculates your exact heating demand and knows at which times you are in or out. With this information it will ensure each room is always at the perfect temperature Building Protection You can set pre-defined protection temperatures. If the temperature falls above or below these then your system will automatically react to ensure no damage is done to the building. Statistics You can record and analyse all of your temperature data over any period of time – which you could use as an insight to help you save money. Energy Saving Whenever possible Loxone will try to use ‘free’ methods of climate control – heating a room using the sun for example. This will help you save up to 12.5% on your annual energy bill.​ Access via the app You can view and change your temperatures at any time, even while you’re on the go. If you’re going to arrive later than planned simply adjust the heating to come on slightly later. Knows the Holidays Loxone knows all of the public holidays and will take this into account when ensuring your rooms are at the perfect temperature. Economy Mode If no one is in, Economy Mode will be activated – here the temperatures are controlled as cost-effectively as possible within a pre-defined range in an attempt to avoid wasting money. Instantly Informed If something goes wrong, you’ll be notified immediately. This gives you a chance to react quickly and prevent any significant issues. Maintenance Reminders As the system records its overall usage, you’ll be notified of any maintenance that’s due. Loxone Products for the perfect temperature Whether it’s heating, cooling or ventilation Loxone has got you covered. Our products ensure that each room is always at the perfect temperature. Room Comfort Sensor & Touch Switch Both our Room Comfort Sensor and our Touch Switch have temperature and humidity sensors built-in. This gives you accurate readings in each room. Valve Actuator Air & Tree Our Valve Actuator is perfectly suited for intelligent room-by-room temperature control. They have been specifically designed to minimise configuration time. Miniserver & Extensions Thanks to the Miniserver’s versatility and our wide range of extensions, all manner of heating sources, air conditioning units and ventilation systems can be controlled. Smart Shading & blind Get your blinds to do more than just protect you from the sun. Our intelligently-automated smart blind system saves you from constantly having to adjust your blinds. However, that’s not all it does. It uses solar energy to heat your rooms cost-effectively, protects you and your privacy, automatically ensures comfortable temperatures and much more. Shading control 7:00 - Good Morning Everyone is up and dressed. The shading in the entire house is automatically raised and the morning sun streams through the windows for a great start to the day. Far more than just shading With Loxone, your blinds will take care of a multitude of tasks. Temperature Management In the summer, your blinds will help to prevent your rooms from becoming too hot. In the winter, they will help keep some of the warmth in. This is all done automatically. Flexible Groups With Loxone you have the ability to group your blinds. Decide how many you want and what sets of blinds should go in each group – then you can control these groups as one. In perfect harmony From music to security to lighting, with Loxone every aspect of your system will work hand in hand. This results in a harmonious ecosystem. Privacy Protection At sunset, your blinds will automatically close to offer you some privacy from the outside world. Child Lock If you have young children, you can enable our Child Lock feature. This will temporarily disable the switches in order to prevent the little ones adjusting the blinds. Whilst this is enabled you can still operate the blinds via the app. Wake up with light Be gently brought out of your sleep by natural light – with Loxone your blinds will automatically raise in the morning to bring you out of your slumber. Storm Protection If you have external shutters or awnings and there happens to be a storm, these will automatically retract to protect against wind damage. Safety around-the-clock If you are on holiday your blinds will mimic your behaviour to deter potential burglars. Also if there is an emergency whilst you’re in, the blinds will automatically raise to make escape routes more accessible. Solar Optimisation Your Loxone system will know where the sun is and what the temperature is. It uses this information to adjust the blinds and heat your rooms via natural sources – thus saving energy. Loxone Products for your smart blinds We have the right products to make a wide range of blinds smart. With our extensive product range you’ll simply get more out of your shading solution. Shading Actuator Air We have the right products to make a wide range of blinds smart. With our extensive product range you’ll simply get more out of your shading solution. Nano 2 Relay Tree The small flush-mounted Nano 2 Relay Tree is perfect for integrating any form of shading using Loxone Tree technology. Making it ideal for new-builds. Miniserver & Extensions Thanks to the Miniserver’s versatility and the wide range of extensions, all manner of blind control systems can be integrated into our solution. ​ Unlimited flexibility. Regardless of your type of shading Automatic Blinds Whether it’s Venetian blinds or Roman blinds Loxone has got you covered. Automated Curtains If you have traditional curtains then fear not as they can be intelligently controlled with Loxone. Integral Blinds Automated your integral blinds to benefit from improved energy efficiency and low maintenance. Loxone works with brands like Internorm to control integral blinds. External Shutters External shutters or roller blinds can offer great levels of darkening, they also have the added benefit of providing an element of security. Security Safety for the building and everyone inside of it . In a Loxone Smart Home, the home stays on guard when you go to sleep at night. In any business or office, it does the same as the last employee leaves. In any case of an intruder, the building will know to activate a four-phase smart alarm system, starting with a smartphone notification. Similarly when the building detects a water leak, you will be immediately notified via smartphone notification. Included: Burglary protection, Family protection, Premises protection, Privacy protection. More Multiroom-Audio Find new ways to experience audio.Beyond a music system for home, audio can do so much more along with other systems integrated by Loxone. Wake up to upbeat music, choose a sound to replace your doorbell, receive text-to-speech announcements and more. More Music has been proven to make us happy and reduce stress. Our multiroom audio system helps you create the perfect atmosphere – whatever the occasion. Set individual room playlists so that the right music is always playing, be woken up by your favourite song, set a personalised doorbell sound and much more… Multiroom audio explained Multiroom audio enables what, not too long ago, seemed impossible. Think back to when there would be a radio in the bathroom, a CD player in the kitchen and maybe a sound system in the living room. It was virtually impossible to transfer songs from one room to another. Multiroom audio systems remove these spatial limitations and now make it possible to freely transfer music from room to room. A multiroom audio system from Loxone gives you great-sounding music however it also gives you a wide range of additional functionality. More than Music Fully integrated multiroom audio With the Loxone Audioserver, music can be synchronised across rooms or played in each room individually. Smart Doorbell If someone rings the doorbell, the sound will be played throughout – unlike classic doorbells. In a home environment, if the children are in bed, don’t worry, Loxone will take this into account and exclude their room from any notifications. Alarm Notification Should an alarm be triggered you’ll be instantly informed as the Loxone Audioserver will play an alarm tone in all relevant room/areas. Thus giving you as much time as possible to react. Text-to Speech You can set pre-defined messages that can be read out to you in certain circumstances. For example, you could be told if you’ve left any windows open before you leave. Voice Announcements Within the Loxone App, you can quickly and easily record individual voice announcements which can then be played by the Audioserer in a specific zone. This can even be done remotely. Gentle wake-up alarm Wake up to music. Just set your wake-up time and music will start fading in to gently bring you out of your slumber. Intelligent Automation When you enter a room, you’ll be welcomed by your favourite music or radio station. Then when the room is no longer in use, the music will then automatically be turned off. Room Off House Off A double-tap on our Touch switches will deactivate the music in any given room, a triple-tap will deactivate any music you may have playing in any area. All under control Thanks to our integrated media control solution, entertainment devices can be combined in harmony with the rest of your multiroom audio system. Products for your Multiroom Audio System Regardless of your audio needs, we’ve got a solution for you. Loxone/Quadral Audio system Smart Access Control Loxone offers a wide range of individual access control solutions. Due to the flexibility of our access control solution, you can achieve almost anything. Children in bed? Switch from a doorbell ring to flashing lights to let you know that someone is at the door. Delivery coming whilst you’re out? Open the garage or front door from wherever you are via the Loxone App. The possibilities are endless. More Secure access control via the Loxone App With our free app for your smartphone, tablet or PC you can easily & securely control the access, manage users, assign individual rights and see who is at your front door. Learn More User management You can add users to your app at any time, with the ability to assign different permissions to each person. This allows you to be in complete control of who has access to your home, office etc. Intercom You’ll be instantly notified when your doorbell rings. Then, if you wish, you can talk to whoever is at the door or send a text-to-speech message directly through the app. If you miss a visitor don’t worry a picture will be stored in the app so you can see who’s been at your door. Access rights You can use the app to assign specific access rights. If a friend needs to pick something up while you’re out, simply give them a one-time code which will only work on that occasion. If the cleaner comes at 3 pm every Friday, assign them a time-based code. Access via Intercom Access via Code & NFC Access via NFC products Simple access control starts with the NFC Key Fob . Just hold it up to the NFC Code Touch and, if authorized, access will be given to the designated door or gate. ​ The NFC Key Fobs provide a safer alternative to keys. If you lose a key anyone can find it and use it; if you lose your NFC Key Fob simply revoke access permission for it in the app. Then you can simply use your code to gain entry. Access via Intercom With the Loxone Intercom you’ll be able to see and talk to anyone at your door regardless of where you are in the world. You can even let them in remotely or send a text-to-speech message if needs be. ​ If there’s a delivery whilst you’re out you can speak directly with the postman through the intercom and let him know that you’ll open the door for him. More Unlimited Flexibility Loxone works with all access control systems. Due to the flexible nature of our system all manner of access control is possible. Whether you want to control your garage door, side gate or front door – it’s all achievable with Loxone. Versatile. Intuitive. Secure. The Loxone access control system gives you a comprehensive le vel of functionality. Here are a few of the main features: Individual access rights With Loxone you can assign specific permissions to each user. If you have a dog walker, for example, you can grant them access during the day however at night their code and/or tag will not work. Status of doors & windows When you leave you’ll be informed if any doors or windows are open. You can also check the status of all doors and windows via the app at any time. Logging & Tracking You’ll always be able to see who’s entered your property and when that was. This is great for parents who want to know that their children have arrived home safely from school. Numerical Codes With the NFC Code Touch you can set individual functions to be triggered by a specific code. You could open the garage door by pressing 5 then entering your code. Flexible Integration Our system is extremely flexible allowing you to integrate a wide range of electronic locks, doors, garage motors, etc. Individual Doorbells If someone rings your doorbell you’ll be informed via the speakers. However, if you do not want to be disturbed, the lights can inform you that someone is at the door rather than the bell. Loxone products for secure access control Whether it’s your front door, garage or gate – Loxone has got you covered. Our holistic system ensures that access is always quick, easy and secure. NFC products The NFC Code Touch allows quick, easy and highly-encrypted access via it’s integrated NFC reader. Intercom The Loxone Intercom gives you a high-quality image and crisp sound so you can see who’s at your door from anywhere in the world. Miniserver & Extensions Thanks to the Miniserver’s versatility and the wide range of extensions, all manner of access control systems can be integrated into our solution. With Loxone the heating, cooling, blinds, ventilation and even the lighting will all work together in harmony to maximise your energy savings. Save energy Your Loxone system will intelligently work to help save you money on your heating (and cooling) bill. The heating, cooling and blinds all work together in unison to ensure maximum energy efficiency. If it’s too cold the blinds will automatically rise to heat the room using the power of the sun. Then, only if this does not achieve the desired outcome, is the heating activated. When it’s too hot the blinds will automatically lower in an attempt to reduce solar gains. Produce energy You can integrate your solar panels into your Loxone system with ease. Then you can use the energy you’ve collected to help with the demand. The current electricity consumption and electricity production will also be recorded via an intelligent energy meter – which you can view at any time from directly within the Loxone App. Use energy If you have an electric car you can charge it right from where you are. Even better than that, you can do so with the energy captured by your solar panels. Define the charging time, start and pause the charging process at any time via the Loxone App or set fixed charging times to take advantage of cheaper night tariffs. Loxone will also pay attention to the total current energy output in order to protect you against potentially overloading. An interconnected system is an energy-efficient system. E-Car Charger The EV- Charger and energy management will provide you countless smart feature which make your life easier and reduce the electricity bills every month. ​ The Loxone Wallbox is a charging station which enables dynamic charging from 1.38kW to 11kW for electric vehicles. With the robust Tree interface, the device is integrated into the Loxone system and provides all the freedom for energy management. To record the electrical energy, an energy meter can be easily mounted on the integrated DIN-rail and connected to the Modbus interface in the device. Mount products like the NFC Code Touch, Touch Pure Flex,... to set your charging mode or execute any other control. More Top energy saving features Energy-saving with Loxone is multifaceted and is at the very heart of your system. Standby Killer Your standby devices and other power guzzlers will be automatically turned off when they’re not needed. Heating & Cooling By intelligently managing your heating and cooling systems, Loxone can produce some significant energy savings. Your system will always try to achieve your desired temperature in the most cost-effective manner. Room Off A double-tap on a switch in any given room will turn off the lights, music and any devices being used. This means that you can be sure that nothing has accidentally been left on. Load Management ILoxone keeps an eye on the total power consumption and can balance energy usage during peak times. You can, for example, switch off specific appliances in order to free up power to charge your car. Energy Statistics Your energy usage data can be viewed at any time directly from within the Loxone App. This allows you to analyse it for yourself and uncover any potential savings. Device Notifications You’ll get instant notifications if energy is being wasted or once energy usage has reached a specified threshold. Giving you as much time as possible to rectify the issue. Products that save energy All of our products are developed with low energy consumption in mind. We also offer an extensive range of specific energy-saving and monitoring products. IR Meter Reader Air The Loxone IR Meter Reader Air allows you to get direct readings from compatible electricity meters with an infrared interface. Modbus/ectricity Meter The bi-directional energy meters with Modbus serial interface allows you to record detailed data such as energy, current, active power and voltage. Smart Socket Air The Smart Socket Air allows you to cut the power to your sockets. It also contains built-in energy and power consumption monitors. Extensions We have an extensive range of extensions which allows you to integrate other energy-saving devices directly into your Loxone system. Smart Technology For Your Sauna, Pool & Garden Intelligently control your wellness facilities Pool control, pool maintenance, sauna control, etc. Loxone can take care of all of these boring and mundane tasks so you can simply enjoy your wellness facilities. Multiple applications Parental control, remote access, filtering, backwashing, holiday mode and much more. Discover the many features Loxone has to offer to help you get the most out of your wellness facilities. Pool Control Intelligent control for your personal paradise. Beyond indoors of the smart home, Loxone relieves you of many tasks outdoors too. Pool maintenance, landscape lighting, music control and much more – all working together automatically or on demand with simple control. ​ Your pool care is covered. Regulating pH value, treating and filtering water, backwashing and more – all done automatically, right on schedule, monitored in the app. Pool maintenance has never been this easy. ​ Control your pool lights, water temperature and more – while you’re in the pool or from a distance. You have control options built into the edge of your pool and right in the app. More Smart Pool Intelligent control for your personal paradise. Beyond indoors of the smart home, Loxone relieves you of many tasks outdoors too. Pool maintenance, landscape lighting, music control and much more – all working together automatically or on demand with simple control. ​ Your pool care is covered. Regulating pH value, treating and filtering water, backwashing and more – all done automatically, right on schedule, monitored in the app. Pool maintenance has never been this easy. ​ Control your pool lights, water temperature and more – while you’re in the pool or from a distance. You have control options built into the edge of your pool and right in the app. More Sauna & Relax With automated control of your sauna, you simply get more luxury out of your personal paradise. Remote access, child safety and lighting scenes make it effortless to enjoy the yard you created. ​ Stuck in traffic after work? Activate our sauna on the road and it will be ready for relaxation time right when you arrive – temperature, lights and your favorite playlist to unwind to. More Smart Garden Gardening can be hard work. Loxone can make it easier for you with intelligent irrigation control. Your home will know of any weather changes ahead of time and know how to react to them so you don’t have to. ​ Works with the weather In the event of a highly forecasted rainfall, the Weather Station and Weather Service both play a role in communicating this information to disable irrigation – even works for fountains. Regulate water flow The water flow is regulated by valves on the water pipes, so when the valves open, the sprinklers will push upwards and water the lawn. Fully integrated outdoor lighting Integrate your landscaping lights with LED Strips on the patio, creating lighting scenes without delay. Whether it’s simply lighting or a different system altogether, it can all work together with Loxone. More Outdoor No matter what type of lighting – landscape, pool or under the bar – it can be easily integrated and controlled. Pair music with lighting for even more possibilities for your lighting moods. Whether your lighting scene gets activated by opening a door or by the setting sun, the choice is yours. Waterproof LED Strip: Along the house or the bar, the LED Strips have many creative possibilities in your backyard. ​ Integrating Loxone Speakers : For example, if Party Mode is activated, your favorite upbeat music will play along with colored lighting. Installed into a ceiling, Loxone Speakers blend in so only your lighting stands out. ​ DMX control: Lighting control is simple outdoors too with the DMX Extension . So you can customize and change your lighting moods with a full spectrum of color and full dimming curve. More Loxone products for your sauna, pool & garden Whether it’s the control of your sauna, automated maintenance of your pool or managing your smart garden – we have the right products for you. AquaStar Air The Loxone AquaStar Air is the most modern 6-way backwash valve in the world. It can filter, backwash, rinse and much more – fully automating your pool. Touch Surface Control the temperature of the sauna or the intensity of the jets in your pool without having to move. The Touch Surface allows you to integrate control directly into your sauna, pool etc. Sensors We have a range of sensors specially developed for use in saunas, outdoor areas or pools – to keep you up-to-date with temperatures, filling levels, humidity and much more. Extensions Our wide range of extensions allows you to integrate other devices with Loxone – making your system infinitely expandable. For Intelligent Home and Building Automation Loxone offers an all-round solution for building & house automation. Depending on the version, the Miniserver includes the necessary core technologies to integrate numerous sensors and actuators into your building or home automation project. For additional interfaces, we have a wide range of Extensions. They further enhance the functionality of the already-impressive Miniserver to create an unparalleled ecosystem. This makes Loxone infinitely flexible. Miniserver Wired into the distribution board. Ideal for new buildings. Loxone Config With our ultimate configuration software, you can commission automation to your individual requirements. In just a few hours you can implement extensive building and home automation projects. Download Miniserver GO Can be placed anywhere. Ideal for retrofitting and renovations. Loxone App With Loxone you have all the control you need in just one app. Plus, control your home or building via a smartphone, tablet or PC from wherever you are in the world. Simple, intuitive and fast. Download LOXONE READY We are 'CLOPEN' Platform, Loxone solution can intergate and work perfect with third party devices and systems. Check it out: Get inspired for your project? Your Project Consultation. Do you want to build a Loxone Smart Home for your house or become our Loxone partner? Contact us: What's your name? Where are you living? What’s your email address? What’s your phone number? Send Free with no obligations We want to help you make informed decisions about your project. You are not obligated to go ahead with anything after the chat. ​ ​ Personally speak to an expert Discuss your needs and ideas with one of our smart home experts to decide how Loxone best fits you. ​ ​ ​ From the comfort of your home Our consultations are done over the phone, so you don’t need to take a massive amount of time out of your day. More about Loxone Smart Home V tomto jazyce nebyly zatím zveřejněny žádné příspěvky Až budou příspěvky zveřejněny, uvidíte je zde.

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