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Why you should become a Eurostellar Authorized  Partner in Vietnam

Eurostellar  - European & Vietnamese Company

Become an Authorized Partner in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, you will become the European Technology Ambassador, working directly with 15 brands from EU/UK/USA/G7 countries, receive best discount scheme and operating a modern business model, long term developemnt prospects and profits; Received intensive training on products developed sales, service and business adminstation skills.

Open Letter to future Partner

Take a giant leap into the future with Eurostellar - the ultimate technology distribution partner. Our state-of-the-art products and services will revolutionize your business, giving you access to the latest innovations in the tech industry. Join us and unlock the potential of tomorrow, today

EUROSTELLAR Cooperation Program 2024

For distributed products, we have attractive preferential policies, marketing support, goods, personnel training and transparent floor prices, avoiding price dumping. Support the Partner to expand the market, training for Level 2 Agents and managing the market to accompany the Partner.

For project-specific products, we support our partners in drafting proposals, quotes, presentations, price incentives and project protection to help partners feel secure when working with the Investor. Customer. We also provide technical support, construction supervision and accompany our partners in key projects.

Our aim is only provide EU Standard and high quality products with maximum supporting to our partners. Our products have been localization with full documents, leaflets, catalogs, presentations, attractive luxury display items.

Our Logistic Centers are located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Prague, Czech Republic which can provide continuously supporting and full package of solutions.

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Apply for Partner Program

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1. How do i become an Eurostellar Partner? We will sign together a memorandum of cooperation. After that, we will provide documents, transfer technology, share training with you, maybe our technician will come to your company to train or invite you to join our periodic workshops with other experts. After training for you, we will issue an international certificate for you. For the first projects, you can let me go with you to survey or take requests and drawings, I will come up with solutions, prepare presentation slodes for you to sales solicitation to customers or go with you to sales solicitation to customers and investors.

2. What are the requirements to become an Eurostellar Partner? Are reputable and experienced enterprises in the field of trading in security equipment, alarms, anti-thefts, surveillance cameras, access control devices, office equipment, smart home equipment and other products. other related technology equipment As Enterprises specializing in integrating and providing solutions for projects such as houses, offices, apartments, schools, hospitals, factories, administrative areas, public works, facilities, infrastructure or specialized works in accordance with current standards, quality and laws. As Enterprises/Households/Individuals wishing to seek cooperation, distribution and installation of equipment and products from Europe like the products that we are trading.

3. What is the Qualification Training? Thanks to the comprehensive nature of our training courses, you will become an Eurostellar automation professional in just a few days. The Eurostellar Qualification Training forms the basis of a successful business partnership and is a basic requirement for achieving Silver Partner status. The training provides a comprehensive overview of the standards & principles in home & building automation with Eurostellar.

4. What are the requirements to become a “Active Partner”? The partner is an Enterprise (Company/Household Business) with a clear legal entity, with more than 02 years of experience in similar fields. No target and sales required.

5. What are the requirements to become a “Silver Partner”? For Partners who have accumulated Sales within 06 months from the date of cooperation with Sales reaching over VND 100 million or Cumulative sales within the previous 12 months reaching over VND 200 million. The new discount will be applied from the next order. Target: The minimum maintenance turnover for the next year is VND 200 million (Calendar Year).

6. What are the requirements to become a “Gold Partner”? Strategic agents, for distributors with level 2 and level 3 dealer systems in the market. Have been in business for at least 5 years or equivalent. Cumulative sales in the previous 12 months reached over 500 million dong. The new discount will be applied from the next order. Target: The minimum maintenance turnover for the next year is VND 500 million (Calendar Year)

7. What are the requirements to become a “Platinum Partner”? As a Platinum Partner, Eurostellar is your first choice for new projects (exception applies to tenders). Eurostellar is therefore advertised on the homepage of your website, on company vehicles, etc. The implementation of the free digital showroom, the completion of our Qualification Training Course and the purchase of a Welcome Package is also required. For the annual recertification of your Partner Status as well as for the first-time certification, you will need to create a link to on your website. Your annual sales target is and you are obliged to attend annual training once a year.

8. How long is the Partner status valid for? After achieving Silver, Gold or Platinum Partner status, you have 12 months to requalify for it. The necessary prerequisites for this are: • Silver Partner: meeting the corresponding minimum turnover • Gold & Platinum Partner: annual attendance of a training course and meeting the corresponding minimum turnover If you have achieved the specified targets in the 12 months, you are automatically qualified as a certified Eurostellar Partner for a further 12 months. If the specified targets are not achieved, you will be assigned the respective Partner status depending on the fulfilled requirements. The first evaluation after the introduction of the new Partner Program (01.01.2022) will take place on 1st January 2023. Our Partner Coaches will be happy to provide you with more details.

9. What does a partnership with Eurostellar mean for me? Eurostellar is committed to cooperation in terms of mutual benefits, ensuring the quality of products and services to consumers. We regularly update and share information as well as timely support to our partners to the extent permitted. If you need support with quotes, advice or technical support, please notify at least 24 working hours in advance to the Partner Support Specialist or Hotline.

10. Why should I choose Eurostellar? • MADE IN EU - Guarantee for quality! • TOP technology, HIGH perfection • Do not advertise falsely, exchange concepts • Consumer protection policy under EU law. • Show the unique and high-class mark of the Investor • Get ahead of the competition with superiority and high reliability • Improve the prestige, professionalism and quality of the Distributors • High-end solutions at affordable prices • User-friendly • One stop for all tech. • Long-term cooperation, tight commitment

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