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We invented the key management.
and we  just keep make it better


Make key control easier and more efficient with a key management system from Morse Watchmans, the security industry’s leading provider of key control, key security and key and asset management solutions. Network its key control and security management systems and integrate them with access control and other physical security systems or use them as standalone systems. Industry-first features such as KeyAnywhere and KeyFind are essential tools to secure and safeguard keys.

Improve your key control and security with the enterprise-class KeyWatcher Touch system, the scalable KeyWatcher Illuminated system and KeyBank key cabinets – there’s even a Remote Box solution to protect access to the KeyWatcher cabinet. Tamper-proof cabinets can only be accessed by authorised users with pre-programmed PIN codes, access cards or biometrics, helping eliminate vulnerability. For enhanced administration and management, KeyWatcher True Touch key organiser software delivers unparalleled support and functionality.



Markets and Industries


Whether your aim is reducing damages and lost productivity or ensuring personnel safety and reporting compliance, our modular, scalable solutions adapt as your business needs change. 

Our products currently support many in the healthcare sector, so please know that we are here, open and ready to handle any of your needs.

We recognize that no two organizations are alike – that's why our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your industry and your specific business.

Modular, scalable systems for key control, asset management, guard tours and more

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KeyWatcher Touch
Tamper Proof KeyRing

Keep track of your facilities’ physical keys and log their use with KeyWatcher. The flexible, modular key control platform logs entry and removal of keys for fast and easy auditing. Access the electronic key control cabinet with a card reader, biometrics, or PIN. Save money on key cutting and rekeying doors by managing and tracking the keys you already have!

Our Tamper Proof KeyRings prevent undetected key removal, while making authorized key replacement easy and cost-effective. The distinctive, serialized hub design allows administrators to reuse the stainless-steel tamper proof key ring and replace only the inexpensive plastic hub.

SmartKeys are the backbone of the KeyWatcher system. Equipped with an ID chip, SmartKeys are attached to the key(s) you’d like to track. Insert or remove them from your KeyWatcher to allow your system to track their usage. Designed with a durable plastic key fob and a strong stainless-steel tamper proof keyring, they make unauthorized key changes immediately detectable.

KeyBank Touch
SmartKey Locker Touch Systems

Control the keys, control the fleet. Designed from the ground up to optimize fleet utilization and reduce costs.

KeyBank Illuminated is suited to businesses that manage large numbers of keys.

The ideal solution for managing large numbers of keys.

Available in multiple locker sizes, SmartKey Locker systems secure laptops, cash trays and other larger items.

Locker Touch systems secure and track laptops, radios and other large assets.

I want to use it

The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn is one of the four Inns of Court and operates as an active and thriving society of lawyers, sprawling across 11 acres in central London and dating as far back as 1422.  The title of “Lincoln’s Inn” refers both to the Society and the location, which houses the Society’s own facilities, numerous barristers’ chambers and several solicitors’ offices.

Hotels play host to priceless experiences: family vacations, million-dollar views, and once-in-a-lifetime adventures. But as every hotel manager knows, it is the assets inside that are even more valuable: people, property, and a sense of safety. Protecting hotel assets, therefore, requires an iron-clad approach to security, also known as zero trust. Register here

Hotels play host to priceless experiences: family vacations, million-dollar views, and once-in-a-lifetime adventures.  But as every hotel executive knows, it is the assets inside that are even more valuable: people, property, and sense of safety. Protecting hotel assets therefore requires an iron-clad approach to security, also known as zero trust.

Experience and Excellent Service from EUROSTELLAR is great push for Vietnamese Partners and Clients. Eurostellar proudly representative Morse Watchmans and provide the USA standard solution to any premises. We will take care from design to installation at your hotel, office, building and more. Your success is our goal. 

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