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Intelligent building automation for your business or office

Improve and simplify the way you work with EUROSTELLAR building automation. A system that controls all important aspects of your building. For you as a business owner, this is affordable, increases comfort for your employees, ensures easy maintenance or operability and, on top of that, saves valuable energy.

Office automation with our intelligent technology running in the background will have your business become more cost-effective without extra effort on your end. Create attractive workplaces in the long term and increase the profitability of your office and business premises with a Smart Office from EUROSTELLAR.

More comfort and efficiency for your modern office

Intelligent shading and ventilation control in a Loxone Smart Office

To maintain a healthy work environment, Loxone offers many automation solutions tailored to your office and business premises:


Automatic shading

Automatic shading that regulates itself intelligently, depending on the position of the sun, solar radiation and the temperature. Installing automatic shading will guarantee a constant pleasant climate in your Smart Office while using less energy for heating or cooling.

Demand-driven ventilation control

Thanks to the exact measurement of air quality with the help of CO2 sensors, the Loxone system will reliably and automatically maintain a pleasant and healthy air quality. Your employees’ wellbeing is priority in creating your healthy work environment.

Shading protection

Using a weather station, the building reacts automatically to storms and frost, thus preventing damage to the intelligent shading.

Always exact data

Sensors continuously record exact measurements. With all values - temperature, energy usage, etc - available in the Loxone App, you can always ensure your business is running efficiently. 

Automatic shading

Curtains of any type can be integrated to automatically move up and down depending on the position of the sun and the room temperature. This keeps the smart office at a comfortable temperature, consuming less energy while ensuring employee comfort by blocking out the harsh rays of the sun.

Multi-zone air conditioner

This is one of the smart solutions for air conditioning that LOXONE has provided to customers for the past 10 years. With Loxone Smart Room Control. Every area in your office is equipped with air conditioning sensors, electrical current sensors and smart context integration.

273590324_2653743884761494_2814006764680272956_n (1).jpg

Custom solutions based on your unique needs

Due to the large number of open, freely configurable interfaces and the possibility of free programming of the intelligent automation solution from Loxone, we offer you maximum individuality for your project.
Do you have a unique wish for your Smart Office? No problem! We always offer you
the right solution, such as:


Office lighting on-
demand in zones


Custom payment


locker system

Automate instead of individual operation with a button

Thanks to the high degree of automation made possible by a Loxone Smart Office, your employees can do without any manual intervention via buttons.

Presence detectors form the basis for the extensive functions of a Smart Office. The sensors record the change in noise level and movements in a 360° angle. With this information, the Loxone Miniserver makes the right decisions to increase comfort and save energy. This enables features such as constant brightness control, alarm, music, heating, ventilation & cooling to be controlled precisely.  


Intelligent lighting control


Constant Light Control

To meet the requirements of an optimal workplace, we use the so-called Constant Light Control. The aim is to regulate the lighting conditions evenly throughout the day. This has a positive effect on general vision, as well as prevents symptoms of fatigue, lack of concentration and headaches. Our presence detectors record the exact light level, and our Loxone Miniserver controls each light source to guarantee the best possible lighting conditions at all times.

Smart lighting

Research shows that adjusting the right lighting helps you work more efficiently. In addition, the automatic lighting balance also helps employees increase energy and concentration. Lighting is effectively controlled so that no energy is wasted when there are no people or when the room is full of natural light.

Security in your Smart Office


With Loxone, the alarm system in your Smart Office can be easily automated. With the intelligent Loxone control, an attempted break-in can be registered before it happens. Your Smart Office remains intact.


The Smoke Detector Air safely and reliably detects smoke via its smoke measuring system (16-fold measurement), and triggers an alarm in an emergency. The intelligent smoke measurement also takes temperature fluctuations into account.


The battery-powered Water Sensor provides immediate warning of incoming water, helping to prevent major water damage to critical infrastructure. Thanks to Loxone Air technology, the small sensor can be placed anywhere.


Access control with Loxone is easy to customize. Using the NFC Code Touch, employees simply hold up their NFC Key Fob or even just tap their phone to get access if and when they are authorized. Compact and cost-effective. If a Key Fob ever gets lost the entire door lock does not need to be replaced. Simply remove access rights to the NFC Key Fob right in the app and create a new one just as easily. You can always get into the building using a code.

Convenient access control via NFC Code Touch

The entire energy management at your fingertips


Efficient and comprehensive energy management can make a significant contribution to environmental and climate protection, plus significantly reduce energy costs. With version 13.1 of our Loxone Config, a holistic, manufacturer-independent energy management system can be implemented. New Meter FunctionBlocks, an update for the Energy Manager and the Load Manager and much more – the new features enable unique and holistic energy management on a new level!

Energy management

Power consumption will be customized automatically by the Hub. The system can automatically turn off devices that are not in use or in standby state such as printers, monitors. In addition, Loxone also has many other power-saving features such as: turning on and off the air conditioner according to temperature, automatic watering for a green office, and balancing temperature and power consumption at an appropriate and comfortable level. best.

Multi-zone audio

A unique audio experience with a multi-zone sound system helps fuel employee morale, create a vibrant office atmosphere and a sense of comfort and class for your company.


High-quality audio solutions for your Smart Office

With Loxone’s multi-room audio solutions, you can create an unforgettable music experience for customers and employees. A multiroom audio system offers you the following features:


Automation of multiroom audio reinforcement

The music starts to play when someone enters the room – if nobody is in the building, it stops automatically.


Unlimited flexibility

Control the sound of your Smart Office conveniently via the visualization, and create a concentrated working atmosphere depending on your preferences.


Various sources of audio

Choose from customized playlists, various Internet radio stations or the unlimited range of streaming providers.


Announcements via the
Multi-room Audio System

The Multi-room Audio System easily informs your employees and guests via customizable announcements.

Your future smart office?

Access Control

Fire & Smoke Alarm


Shading control

Smart HAVC

Time & Attendant

CCTV Camera & Intruder alarm

Meeting room management

Smart lighting

Multi-media & Intercom

Outstanding advantages
  • More convenience

Intuitive controls, easy to use, set the context as you like. Automated sound, curtains, garage, landscape care at the perfect working environment. Intelligent lighting automatically adjusts colors to increase work productivity and relaxation.

  • Energy management

Automatic switching on and off of lighting and heating systems saves energy and reduces costs by up to 40%.

  • Safe security

Comprehensive security system, both hardware security and data safety. 24/7 protection even during and outside operating hours, detect and warn, immediately handle incidents.


Please feel to download following Casestudy for your information.

5 simple steps to own smart office


Loxone installers will be available to plan, advise and design your solution.


Plan and monitor system settings for your selected smart features. Can advise on how to connect in the future - if you want to add more features.


Loxoxne installers can install products based on your selected features and set them up to meet your specific requirements.


At this point, you should be able to start enjoying the benefits of the selected feature for your home.

Follow up and care

If needed, you can arrange with the Loxone installation staff to change some settings based on how you are living in your home.

Urban Modern Interior Design

Turn boring workplace into dream office
Where creativity, efficiency and friendliness come first
Ensure security, safety and comfort for the office


Screenshot (75).png
Modern Interior Design

Pricing plan

SME Solution

50m2 - 200m2

Total Security Solution:

  • Access Control

  • Intruder alarm & Fire alarm

  • CCTV

Smart Office:

  • Smart lighting control

  • Multi-media (excluse speakers)

  • Air Condition Control

  • Intercom

Cooperate Solution

>= 200m2

3 Layer of Security:​

  • Peripheral protection:

  • CCTV with AI function

  • Access Control & Time Attendant

  • Fire & Flooding Alarm

  • Intruder alarm, SOS alarm

Smart Office:​

  • Smart lighting control

  • Multi-media (excluse speakers)

  • Air Condition Control

  • Intercom

Head Quarter Building

3 Layer of Security:​

  • Peripheral protection:

  • CCTV with AI function

  • Access Control & Time Attendant

  • Fire & Flooding Alarm

  • Intruder alarm, SOS alarm

Smart Office:​

  • Smart lighting control

  • Multi-media (excluse speakers)

  • Air Condition Control

  • Intercom

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